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High Fidelity

Posted by xneverwherex on December 25, 2006

Easily a top 5 in some list I’d be making, I’m sure of that. Off the bat, noticed the Of Montreal poster playing at a Chicago club. Of course, when the movie came out I had no clue who Of Montreal even was. I never even realized how great the Beta Band really was. Thanks Rob Gordon.

Funny, how years later from first seeing it, I enjoyed it so much more. Maybe I could appreciate it more, or maybe it says something about my life now. I think at some point in our lives we want to go back and reevaluate past relationships and figure out what went wrong. I often wonder how many times I was in Rob’s position (played by the brilliant John Cusack), where I already had one foot out the door and wasn’t able to really commit. Rob sure does a great job at showing the fear of committment. And really, this is NOT just a guy thing. Us women have the same fears. Ok maybe not all of us, but I surely did at some points in my life.

So I recommed that everyone goes back and watches this all over again, and realizes just how clever this movie is. Its brilliant! They just don’t make movies like this anymore. And the cast of his girlfriends and friends couldn’t be a better group of actors.

Or for any readers, go read the book from Nick Hornby. I’ve read most of his books, but somehow skipped over this. Time to go back and read this.

My only disappointment with the DVD… NO COMMENTARY!?! WTF. I guess I expected more from the extras and was a bit disappointment with how minimal it is. Time for a special edition to come out.


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