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CMJ 2007 Recap (in a nutshell)

Posted by xneverwherex on October 23, 2007

10/16 – 10/20 – CMJ 2007

CMJ as always seems to be a clusterphuck and it always seems that you are missing someone. It never fails; but then you catch that one band that sticks out that wasn’t even on your list, and you realize that this is why it is so worth it. CMJ is 5 days of shows throughout NYC showcasing some of the newest, hottest bands out there that you have never heard of. It also manages to get some top names that you can also catch in tiny venues.

This year CMJ was a bit of everything for me. I caught some hyped up names and some bigger names and then the names that are unheard of. I rely heavily on word of mouth (thanks Hannah) at shows to know who are so worth seeing. We all have our favorites, but my friends picks are usually so right on – that once I hear I *have* to see a show, inevitablly I see the band.

So lets waste no more time and begin. Tuesday night the festival began and knowing I had an insane week of shows I ended up foregoing who I had wanted to see. Surprisingly it was ok as most the bands I had just seen. The highlight of that night was to be Hot Iqs which I ended up catching on Wednesday. All hope was not lost.

Wednesday was Day 1 for me. I started out by catching a free show over at Club Midway Hot IQs. What a way to begin the festival. Catchy songs that are so danceable. A lead singer with a quite low voice in the realm of The National. A female drummer who is kick-ass who plays barefoot and looks like Lana of Smallville (Kristin Kreuk). I was so glad that I got to catch this band as they’re from Denver and only had a few shows. After the set the band invited me to Brooklyn with them and I had wished I could go. They were also handing out free CDs, so I plan to give them a listen or two. As you can’t go wrong with catchy pop melodies.

After that it was off to The Delancey. I was hoping to be catching Five O’Clock Heroes, but at some point it got switched up (is all I’m guessing). Instead I got to hear BM Linx not once, but somehow twice. They sound quite OK on myspace, but live I just wasnt so into them. They definitely had the New York vibe going on looks wise with a guitarist who looks like he just stepped out of a new wave video. Cant comment much more on them, as they were easily forgettable, which in my book is never a good thing. After that was The Wildbirds from Wisconsin. The lead singer has a sexy, sultry voice and the band has the classic rock/bluesy sound. I basically would describe them as sexed up rock, which was all I could think of during their set. 4 guys with longish hair that have the typical rocker look, with tight jeans that are oh so hipster. But their music is far from that which is indeed a nice change. Finally was the band that had a lot of hype that I had been waiting for. Cut Off Your Hands is from New Zealand, which apparently is the ‘it’ place to be from right now as far as bands go. They had about 8 showcases (if not more) that they were playing. Nick Johnson, lead singer of the band, has for one the best haircut in the bands playing these days. But regardless of his indie hipster look with tighter than tight jeans, has this amazing voice – reminiscent of Morrissey’s from The Smiths days. He’s beyond spastic when he sings and dances, and goes from standing to falling to the floor to hanging off beams in clubs and climbing on things. He’s got so much energy that their 25 minute set is the most intense set that could be seen at CMJ. Its fast, bouncy, post-punk rock at its finest. If you liked The Smiths, I dont think there is any way you can not like them. Likeable guys in the band who were so excited to be there, proved that this is what CMJ is about. And if thats not enough, any lead singer who can go through 3 bottles of water – pouring them down his back and over his head – should give you an indication of just how much heart he puts into each set. Besides, anyone who shoves a cameraperson away gets extra points with me.

After that it was off to The Canal Room. I caught Air Traffic from the UK which put on a good, tight set. Its a little too Coldplay-lite for me and too much like all those other bands from the UK. This is not a bad thing as I love Coldplay, Travis, etc. but I find that I wont remember them from anyone else, especially at a festival. I would add that if you can see them on their own, it’d be worth it. After Air Traffic was the band I was super excited to see. I caught Division Day from LA. The last time I had seen them was at CMJ a year ago with Birdmonster. I’m a huge fan of Division Day so this time I knew nearly all of the songs. Great catchy hooks, sing-along-choruses, and keyboards that will get you on the dance floor. Each song is seemingly different from the prior one, yet each has its own hook that will get you dancing. Rohner has an amazing voice and their new album, Bear Trap Island, is as catchy and as great as their prior one. So definitely go out and buy it.

And finally the continuation….

Thursday was a bit of craziness with friends coming to town, and trying to coordinate everything. I started the day off by catching Division Day at the former Mo Pitkins (sadly it closed that Saturday for good). Division Day now has a reputation for playing places that somehow end up closing soon after (it was sin-e for them last year). Again, another great show.

After some wandering around the Lower East Side I ended up catching some stuff at Pianos. There was a DJ set with San Serac that was quite entertaining. After that set, I think I caught some of someone else but cant remember. I met up with Hannah and it was off to the Fader party and get some food! The Fader party was good but but it was only open for those who rsvped. They had DJs between sets and free drinks. Always a good thing. I caught Cut Off Your Hands again and it was as good and as out of control. So loved this band! After they finished up – I rushed over to Club Midway to catch The Warlocks. Really no need for rushing as they were behind schedules. The lights went down (near pitch black), with the only glow from the neon lit floor. The guitars kicked in, the noise filled the room, swirling, lush sounds. It was hard to stay awake (surprising with how loud it was), but I was dead tired, and in the near pitch black with just guitars it was pretty peaceful. I should say that The Warlocks were on my bands to see list. Being a fan of the Dandy Warhols, nearly everyone who likes them, are huge fans of The Warlocks as well. And they did not disappoint!

After all this I headed uptown to Town Hall to see Stars. This was not a part of CMJ. Stars, from Montreal, put on an incredible set. Amy Millan’s vocals were right on and she sounded amazing. Torq sounded great also and had such a bubbly personality. They played a set consisting of songs from all the different albums. People were in front of their seats dancing and it made for a great time to get away from CMJ for just a bit. Their set was nearly 2 hours or so and it made for a great time. One of the highlights was when Amy messed up the lyrics to the song, and they went into a big production over having to restart the song. It was even better the second time.

After their set, I rushed back to the LES, and caught the end of Wintersleep‘s set. It was so loud is all I can really remember, and the vocals were near impossible to hear. Fat Baby was having a Canadian night with all bands from Canada. I was there to check out the Toronto band Uncut who I keep on managing to miss. It was a good thing I got there, because Im not sure Derek would have been happy with me anymore 🙂 Uncut put on a really great set. Their new-ish stuff is sounding really great. Ian’s vocals were right on. Their new guitarist Chris fits right into the band. If you like your music with heavy guitars, very loud, great songs this is the band to check out. “Kiss Me” sounds like something that Jesus & Mary Chain would have put out sometime ago.  And that rounds out my Thursday night.  

Its hard to imagine that those were only 2 days. Next day it was onto work (barely functionable), and then after work it was time to rush back down to the LES and catch more bands. I made it down to the Fader Party to catch yet another band from New Zealand. The Checks who were so full of energy and had some very catchy blues rock. They were definitely a band not to miss. And it was quite dancy as well, which made for an even better time. After that, it was over to Fat Baby for probably the biggest let-down of the festival. I honestly think though something happened when I listened to the bands, because I really thought they were supposed to be good. First was The Alarmists from Minneapolis. Now they were fine – but a little boring. Didnt do much on stage, but the music held its own. Catchy indie pop, but nothing out of the ordinary. The next set went even more down hill which was Spouse from Northampton, MA. Way boring indie pop that the band barely seemed all that into. It seemed they were bored on stage, which definitely didnt help. Next was Minneapolis’ The Melismatics. Now I really like the way they sound online, but live I was mostly appalled with the scene. I felt like they were trying so hard to be just another indie hipster band. Which is unfortunate, because they did seem to have some talent. Their music wasnt bad, but just seemed like any other band you could see in Williamsburg (and no – this isnt a slam on Williamsburg – but when youre seeing a ton of bands, youre hoping for something at least memorable). On their own outside of a festival, I think theyd be damn good.

About this time I got really worried about who I was seeing. My only consolation was – I had RSVP’ed to Crash Mansion and was on the guest list and could get in for free. Now their show would not disappoint. First – Crash Mansion is an amazing venue. It is huge and it is _very_ swanky. Its basically a place to go to be seen. Hardwood floors, stone walls, minimal lighting, tables scattered throughout the place and a DJ spinning in the corner of the main room. Plenty of bars with great drink specials, and acoustics that are amazing.

The first band we caught was Zambri. Mostly women in the band playing rocked out dance type music. Its quite likeable music until the woman singing goes off-key and is hitting notes she should have never tried to hit. Its ear pitching screams would make me never want to hear them again. Thats fine – I had no clue who they were and werent there to see them. Next up was House & Parish that I was looking forward to. And they were nice guys to look at, with a really good guitarist, and some good crowd interplay, but overall a wee bit boring. Just didnt seem so into the show. I was worried tonight was a big bust. UNTIL…  WILD LIGHT. 4 guys make up the band and the great thing about them is the 3 guys (minus the drummer) rotate instruments throughout the set. They all take turns singing lead vocals, but mostly there is a lot of harmonies that shows off their truly impressive vocals. Very catchy indie pop songs that even without knowing the words – will have you singing along in no time. They were easily one of the most likeable bands that were playing. It was great when at the end of the set – they said that they had some very good news. They were just asked by the Arcade Fire to come on tour with them in Europe. I recommend checking out Red House which shows off their amazing harmonies.

My night had been saved by these great guys from New Hampshire. And after that I had the great fortune of finally catching Foreign Islands. I have been a big fan of this Brooklyn band for quite awhile, it was just more amazing that I had never seen them live. Foreign Islands tore it up – had the crowd dancing within seconds and a band that was as wild on stage. They played a pretty revved up 25 minute set that ended with the singer throwing his mic straight at a lamp that went shattering everywhere. Needless to say, whether the show was meant to end at that moment or not, the show was over for them. Damn intense!

And finally, we reach Saturday. Im just tired remembering all this and typing it up – I dont know how I did it all. Saturday started out with some day shows. I caught a bit of The Pierces who were way behind schedule at Club Midway. I dont understand how you can be behind schedule after only one band. I guess nothing started on time. A pity as I was going to catch Foreign Born. Instead I ended up heading to Pianos to catch Turbo Fruits. I had heard that they were friends with The Checks and it makes sense (musically wise). They both play similar music with bluesy rock music. A great set with some catchy stuff, although I found The Checks just a tad more appealing. Im now getting strange looks from people that I work with over the music.  Next up was Foals – from the UK. They put on an amazing dancy set that just kept going and going. They really worked the crowd up – with the guys jumping into the crowd with their guitars. Lots of keyboards and lots of fun. I really cant wait to catch a full set from them, as 25 minutes was not nearly long enough. After that was The Maccabees who I had been longing to see after I saw them several months back. They seemed a bit tired, and it was only fitting with all the shows they had been playing. Their music was good, but not as good as they were previously. Catchy, British-post punk rock in the same genre as The Rakes. Still love the band – will just have to wait till they can play a full set.

After that it was back to The Fader party. Im not even sure who I was trying to see there, but I know I had missed them with the problems that Foals were having. I did end up seeing Yeasayer (and another band that I dont even know who it was). Yeasayer played a good set but I really wasnt so into the music and was getting tired.

From there I had to head back uptown to check out the new Terminal 5. The name doesnt lie – and it has the coldness of a terminal feel to it. The club isnt yet finished and the walls are just stark white and smell of paint. Sightlines are atrocious, so it helps to go up to one of the other floors to have a perfect view. Midnight Juggernauts opened the set and unfortunately with the sound problems they didnt sound that great. Some of the songs sounded really good, while others were horribly muddled. 70’s prog rock sounds, spaced out sounds, with amazing vocals (when properly heard) and you get a really great band. Electronic rock is here to stay. Cant wait to see them at a smaller venue (which Im hoping will one day soon happen). Unfortunately this great band is from Australia, so who knows when that will happen.

They opened for Justice – who claim that Midnight Juggernauts is one of the best albums. Justice put on a DJ set for over an hour that was pure dance party crazy. I was upstairs and watching the crowd flying back and forth – everyone moving with each other I was pretty surprised. I expected it to be wild, but I wasnt expecting what I saw. It was an amazing view, and it was a great set. A real pity that they didnt come out for a 2nd encore after the crowd was chanting “We are your friends, Youll never be alone again, Well c’mon”. Its hard to imagine with a whole club singing along, that there wasnt another encore. The band did come out upstairs to acknowledge the crowd. Overall it was a great set – but unlike their fellow countrymen Daft Punk – they just didnt blow me away in the same light.


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The Decline of British Sea Power

Posted by xneverwherex on October 17, 2007


Without igniting a war amongst all my friends – I will just start with saying that I think something was missing that night. Most of my friends kept asking me about foliage and honestly, I may be the last person on earth who had never seen British Sea Power until Monday night. Perhaps I was seeing the Decline of British Sea Power. (Oh such a bad pun!).

So lets just get on with it and tell it like it is. First off the sound at Maxwell’s (which is not the bands fault) was piss-poor. And that is being generous. It was so loud that even with ear plugs in – by the end of the night my ears were still ringing. This also contributed to the fact that Yan’s vocals were probably just not as crisp as they could have been. But the major problem I have with BSP is the fact that the band (Noble – who could barely look into the crowd – except while taking a swig of beer, Hamilton – who I think sounds incredible on vocals and Wood on drums – sporting a one-piece jumpsuit and working it!) seemed so disengaged. Perhaps this is why people like them, but I had been hearing about these crazy shows – guys having foliage in their hair, on the stage. Instead I got a group of dapper guys who uttered few words to the crowd, and while playing barely seemed to notice us in front of them. Playing their hearts out – I think not!

To their credit – I do realize this was the first night of their tour and they werent even using their own instruments. I do wish I was seeing them again because I really believe their music and live shows are probably that great.

Here is why you should see them: Carrion (one of their singles) sounds incredible live and is easy to really get into; Spirit of St. Louis also sounded especially good and was very catchy. The 2nd half of their set is the emphasis on why people should see them (from Carrion to the end – see set list below). I feel if they had put that much energy into the entire set – I’d have been easily pleased even with ringing ears. It was also nice not having the encore which everyone seems to expect these days. Is this normal for Yan and company? I have no clue – but I could do without encores.

Here is the setlist from Monday night:

Remember Me (I LOVED this song)
Down on the Ground
Spirit of St. Louis
Wooden Horse
Fear of Drowning
Larsen B
Leaving Here
Lights Out F.D.S.
Jet Lag Jimmy Jam

And where to begin with the opener – Stardeath and White Dwarfs. The lead singer comes out in a costume of sorts – that is a green bodysuit/jumpsuit, open at the top with a star shirt on underneath. Barefoot naturally. The other guys look ‘normal’. I am guessing he is Stardeath. Their music – best described as experimental – a mixture of vocals over *very* loud sounds from knobs turning (yes there’s a name for the instrument – and I was told Octopus Project made better use of it). Experimental is one of those things where either people get it or dont. I am not sure I entirely get it but I have seen bands that do it better is what it comes down to. The vocals were weak at best and the lead singer just didnt have that great of a singing voice. Their light show (at least at Maxwells) is definitely hard if you’re too close. I could barely look at the stage because I had all these lights going on and off and felt blinded for half the night. Perhaps I was already deaf before BSP came on the stage.

One interesting thing of note is that Dennis Coyne is related to one Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips. Perhaps I am entirely wrong on this band and they will become the next Flaming Lips. How about you decide?

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Dancing With Hot Hot Heat

Posted by xneverwherex on October 17, 2007


I don’t think its possible to see a Hot Hot Heat show without dancing. And this show was no different than any other show. Steve and company put on a great show that had everyone bouncing and jumping and dancing. He even made the comment that he could feel the stage shaking. And that is exactly how it felt on the dance floor – a stage that might eventually collapse to the other floor. Its kinda like an earthquake – and definitely not a feeling that you can get comfortable with.

Their set comprised of a good mix of songs off of all their albums. The unique thing about their set was above the stage were lightbulbs hanging all over the stage area. As the band would play the different lights would flicker on and off and throughout different songs Steve would lightly tap them and send them flying through the air. Steve also has amazing stage presence, as he’d work the room, bending down in front of people as if he were singing to them. He used the stage to his advantage – and it worked!

Crowd pleasers definitely included the likes of ‘Bandages’ (so messed that up when I wrote Damages – not sure where my brain was) and ‘Goodnight, Goodnight’.  As always the band did not disappoint.

The openers for the set included Nashville’s De Novo Dahl. I had heard such great things about them, but wasnt blown away by them. The lead singer had a unique voice and they had a little bit of a country-ish twang to them. Not necessarily a bad thing, but their music wasnt quite as dancy as I had been told.

The other band was another band from Canada – Bedouin Soundclash. They had a unique sound and it was a mix of indie rock mixed with reggae beats to it. It seemed to work well – and their music was good – but nothing memorable, unfortunately.

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Blown Away By The Helio Sequence

Posted by xneverwherex on October 10, 2007


Lots of great bands as always at The Mercury Lounge on this past Monday night. The first band of the night was Sleeping States from the UK. Markland, the genuis behind Sleeping States, put on an amazing set. He was simply adorable as he’d say before a number of songs ‘This is (insert song), and heres how it sounds’. Then on occasion they’d mess up, and he’d say “This isn’t how it sounds. This is how it sounds”. The band had a small 8″ tv set (maybe smaller?) on the edge of the stage playing various clips. Alien Resurrection stood out in my mind as they use a lot of the ambient noise in their music. Experimental is a great way to describe the style as they bring in all sorts of random objects that make noise and amplify their sound during the set. It was definitely something quite different to see and mix that up with sparse vocals, a great drum beat and heavy guitars and you’d get Sleeping States.

Markland proved himself to be quite the cool guy, as I stopped to congratulate him on a great set and asked him if they’d be playing in DC. I mentioned a great friend of mine lived there and she’d love to see their stuff, and he said ‘tell your friend she HAS to come see us’. Very charming, with a great British accent, how can you not fall in love.

Next up was Kill The Lights from Canada. Kill The Lights has 4 guys and 1 female in the band. I wasnt blown away by them, but some songs were really great. The vocals were really hit or miss and between the songs that sounded like they were screamed through, to songs that had more melodies it felt like 2 different bands at times. I’m not sure I’d see them again, but it was a good addition on the set.

NYC’s own Benzos is whom I was most excited to see. I have been a big fan of them since I first saw them opening for Elefant. And have seen them several times since, so it was great to finally be seeing them again. Their 2nd album continues where their first album left off and brings together heavy swirling guitars with gorgeous unassuming vocals from Christian Celaya. Their music is still as brilliant live as it was last I had seen them. Their music still flows through your body as you close your eyes and let it take you to wherever as Christian’s vocals fill the air and lush guitars complement his voice.

Definitely a band not to miss. They are playing 4 shows at CMJ, if not more and for those who have never seen them, be ready for some great dreamy indie rock to transport you. Besides Christian is quite the nice guy as I got to talk with him for a bit after his set while deciding which album to buy. Actually I hadnt listened to the first album in so long, I didnt even know which one I had owned. He told me which was new while telling me I had to come see them again at CMJ. And I was *completely* won over!  – Yeah such a fangirl Im turning into!

Lastly was the brilliant Helio Sequence. I am convinced that some of the most amazing bands come out of Portland, OR. It must be something in the water. Everyone had told me it was a show I couldnt miss and everyone was right. The Helio Sequence is 2 guys – a drummer and guitarist. Ben and Brandon.

Their show went from being good to better than great! I thought it started off on the slower side, and it could have been the fact that I was so annoyed by the guy in front of me who was drunk off his ass and thought he was in the band. I think the band might have been annoyed too, or at least the drummer appeared to be. This guy would bang on the drums and finally security told him to stand back. I guess that wasnt good enough, because he wanted to continue.

Aside for that mess, and getting beer spilled all over me twice, I had the most amazing time watching them, dancing. It was hard not to stay still as the drummer went crazy on the drums, and the lead singer filled the room with his guitar and voice. Long guitars that carried most the songs without a heavy abundance of lyrics is what really had me into the music. The guitars would sweep you off your feet, while the drums kept you grounded moving to the music. About an hour and 15 minutes the band played, and everyone wished they would have kept on playing. Now, Im just waiting till they return again, as there’s no way I’ll ever miss them again.

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2 Nights With Maps = Bliss!

Posted by xneverwherex on October 4, 2007

9/28 – 9/29

I somehow ended up with 2 tickets to Maps for each of the nights. Initially I had planned on seeing them on Friday night with a friend from out of town, but that didnt pan out, but instead of selling both our tickets, I sold off hers and kept mine. And I must say, I’m sure glad that I did.

It was an early set at the Mercury Lounge on Friday night starting out with Brooklyn’s own The Silent League. (as this is a recap of both nights – im infusing two nights shows together, got it?) 🙂 The Silent League played a really great set. I recall last time that I had seen them, there were more members in the band. (I havent seen them in at least 3 years).  Their sound was as incredible as always, and the trumpet player ended the set playing 2 trumpets at the same time. Their songs were quite slow and more mellowed out and we should have been just sitting around a campfire. I guess Kevin (or one of the other guys) was right when he stated that. Justin, formerly in Mercury Rev, has still managed to keep some of that sound in their style and it complements them perfectly. Has that feeling of being in an orchestra with the variety of instruments.

The highlight was definitely on Saturday when Justin brought his brother, Jason, along to sing backups on 2 of the songs. Jason is the lead singer of Hopewell and one thing that I did notice was that it seems Silent League’s new stuff invokes some of Hopewell’s last album. Such as Calcutta. Not necessarily the same middle-eastern/indian flare, but for whatever reason that is what it reminds me of.

Saturday night’s set was really great as well. The crowd didn’t seem to be quite as into it, with very few of us clapping or yelling in appreciation. Im definitely set on seeing them again. I got to meet Justin on Saturday night, and he’s a cool guy. We talked for a bit, and I told him I had come out here to see them. He playfully joked to me, that I better stay around for Maps. 🙂 I had told him that I had first seen them quite a few years back at the Mercury and he seemed pretty stoked about it. Good guy, good music, great sound! What more.

For those thinking that their music is completely different from Maps (which it is), they met when they were playing some festivals in the UK. And they all got along great, and voila! Together the bands were awesome.

Before I get to Maps – there was a 3rd band on the Saturday night show, but I swear it was a joke, and it was really awful. The lead singer cannot sing at all, and it was a cringe-worthy set. For that – I wont even name their name, aside for the fact I also blanked it out.

Maps, from Northampton, UK, were the band to see. Friday night I wasn’t sure what to expect. I remember falling in love with their sound the moment I heard it, but it still couldn’t match what was on stage. The Mercury set was packed and felt overflowing with Brits. I’d have to guage that at least 80% of the crowd were from the UK and the band was quite excited. This was their first show in the states and they were clearly excited to be playing in NYC.

James asked everyone to move forward to be as close to the stage as possible and wanted everyone dancing. Their music, while many would probably think is not the most danceable, works quite well live to dance to. James not only fronts the band, but is apparently THE band and he brings the other guys along with him when touring. His lush vocals almost drowned out by the guitars fit with the music. An electronic beat infuses with the swirling guitars complementing James’ vocals.

Now put all that combination together and you get Maps. A dancey-electronica band with guitars that you’d expect to hear at a My Bloody Valentine or shoegaze show. James seemed excited about Saturday night in a different way than Friday night. He seemed much more relaxed on stage and was having fun with the crowd. He was on the sides while The Silent League were playing, and I caught his eye a few times, and he gave me the biggest smile. You could just see the excitement. While it was not a sold-out show at Luna Lounge, the crowd up front seemed really into them (I think a lot of us saw them on Friday night). The girl next to me grabbed my arm at one point, and excitedely tells me “ive been singing this song all day, i couldnt wait to hear it”. About this time, her, me and some other excited girls continued to dance to a very happy James Chapman.

Stand outs from the set were definitely “You Dont Know Her Name” and “It Will Find You”. Great friends (new and old), great bands, great music = awesome time!

I also managed to catch +/- {plus/minus} on Friday night, but barely remember the rest of the night after a butterscotch shot and some beer on an empty stomach. I do remember trying to find somewhere to eat in Tribeca at 2am and that was not fun!

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