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It’s Tuesday Night….

Posted by xneverwherex on August 30, 2006

So I am in tonight. I’m not sure why, just havent felt like going out. Ugg! So Lazy. So since Ive not been around in awhile I must say there is a lot that went on last week. Wednesday night I went down to South Street Seaport (I’ll add a photo later) and saw Absinthe. Now this is THE show to be seen. Reminds me of cirque du soleil, burlesque and cabaret. A bit of nudity, amazing stunts, and lots of alcohol. In general an amazing time. These people are beyond talented. One woman had such an amazing voice. Ill have to find her name, but an Irish woman who has performed lots in Australia and won awards.

Friday night I headed back to DC. I havent been there in what felt like a lifetime. Speaking of Australians, I was lucky enough to meet Mick (theres a link to his blog somewhere) who is living in DC for a bit. Ive known him for 12 years. At least online. It was a trip, thats for sure. I also got to see Hannah, who is forever known as 10 kinds of awesome. We had a nice lunch together at Faccia Luna in Clarendon (Arlington, VA). Saturday night I spent with my other great friend, who probably wants to be nameless. Regardless, I havent seen her in forever and it was amazing spending a night with her. We could talk forever in a cafe and never notice that time moved. An amazing friendship, that will last forever. Next time, Hannah has to join us 🙂

Sunday – met up with Joseph and his fiancee Andrea who is so nice. of course Joseph is too. He’s British so of course I love him. LOL. Hmm, I said the same thing about Mick. damn accents! anyway, Joseph, Andrea and I had brunch at Harrys Taphouse in Clarendon. What was with Clarendon. I swear I have never spent so much time there.

The highlight of the weekend (nobody freak out), I was close to getting jumped in DC parked at a McDonald’s parking lot. Ok, Mom and Dad, its all good. Welcome to DC. Some guy wanted to get into my car, and tried to. But the doors were locked and he eventually kept moving. Ok, so I thought I had a heart attack, and started crying hysterically, but I’m ok.

this week has been moving swimmingly so far. So, Ill have to update this more often and include more pics. Ive got an adorable pic of Joseph and his fiancee, and one of Mick. More to come…

later folks! its dinner time at 9:30.


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New York Skyline header pic

Posted by xneverwherex on August 23, 2006

Before anyone starts to question where I got that top picture, it is one of my own. I have cropped it, taking out the Hudson River, leaving just the gorgeous New York skyline. So many more I will have to put up. Im turning into a picture taking whore. Oh god – my mom will be so proud of what I’m writing on here. Its all a joke!

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Boggling Drunk?

Posted by xneverwherex on August 23, 2006

So what the hell is this youre asking about?? Well today’s boggle game was not a drunken nightmare. Tonight’s game was held in Washington Square Park (the Village for those not from here), and no alcohol. We were in a public park. The night was gorgeous. I arrived around 6:30, and immediately saw Allison, a woman I met at another event. We talked a bit, I met new people, we ate a bunch of junk (rice krispie treats, chips, cookies, cupcakes, and grapes (yeah the only healthy thing)). And then it was onto boggle. Wow, was I ever horrible at this, that I’m afraid to play drunk. I mean, I guess I cant do worse.

I wish I had some pics to share. I should be able to find some. There is a cool pic that someone took of a woman who made cupcakes in the shape of a boggle game. Get your pens/pencils ready and be prepared for fun.

So yes, on occasion this is what I’m doing in New York. Meeting new people, eating way too much junk and putting my brain to good use!

Tomorrow is Absinthe. I will be sure to post, I assure you this will be the most interesting show that I will have seen since coming to New York. Only for those 18+, a cirque du soleil for the adults. Cant wait!

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Canoeing Down the Bronx

Posted by xneverwherex on August 23, 2006

Heading down the River

Heading down the River,
originally uploaded by xneverwherex.

Ok… so this is entry #1. I have been so lazy with these blogs. Honestly, this is probably my 2 zillionth blog I have created. I found one from DC, and I laughed hysterically at what I wrote. At least I can make myself crack up. So this picture is from this weekend, 8/19/06, when a group of close to 20 of us in total went canoeing down the Bronx River. This is one of the pictures from the canoe. We canoed down the River – through the Botanical Gardens – past the zoo – yeah we’re the monkeys in the boat. It is the most gorgeous unseen area of New York. I am going to volunteer there, so if you’re ever visiting the City, please be sure to check it out.

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