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Be In

Posted by xneverwherex on November 6, 2010

The Dandy Warhols
Blue Giant
The Bell House

I must say that it will be really hard to top tonight’s show. An incredible 2 hour set that went through most of their albums (more DROK please) and was high on the fun factor. Zia is managing to look younger as she gets older and is always as cute and nice and friendly as ever. Fathead looked pretty out of it from the moment on stage – him smoking up on stage also added to it – and Courtney and Pete not much had changed.

The set opened with Be In and as always its a great intro to start things up. It was immediately followed by We Used to Be Friends and the crowd was really into it, jumping around, dancing and singing. Im not even sure if the setlist was followed as it seemed so many other songs were played, but its hard to remember it all. Zia was dancing around and shaking like no tomorrow and soon enough she was stripping out of her tights. In all fairness, it was a sauna in there and no doubt I should have done the same.

Some of the highlights included, during Zia’s pee break, Courtney going on about how he doesnt understand what she is saying most the time. After that we had a choice of what we wanted (but since the crowd agreed on choice 1 – no clue what our second choice was) and were treated to an acoustic version of ‘Every Day Should be A Holiday’ complete with a crowd-sing along. Yeehaw! F’ing awesome and it sounds beautiful stripped down.

The other cool things – the Dandys mention of how this was their first show EVER in Brooklyn (its not Park Slope – Blue Giant – we’re in Gowanus). With the crowd yelling for ‘Lou Weed’, we were given a short story about how this is NY and of course theyd play it. It was also interspersed in the song with some anecdote about shopping in a grocery store, buying vegetables and seeing Lou Reed 🙂 Around this time Pete and Fathead couldnt stop laughing as the story got more and more involved and who knew where Courtney was going.

The band sounds as tight as ever and still seem to love touring as much as they ever have. Its great to see them all get into songs like ‘Rave Up’ and get into for about 10 mins long. Its been too long since Ive heard that played and it still sounds as great. Equally great that two members of Blue Giant joined in on the song with some added tambourines and more dancing!

Zia is definitely a bigger part of the band – but it’d be nice for people to stop yelling at her to take her shirt off. Her playing harmonica is a nice touch to some of the songs. The remixed version of a lot of their songs make them sound fresh and new and its a great way to go.

Was glad that I missed the fight that nearly broke out behind me, which apparently was pretty out of control. Also was nice to hear their thoughts on encores – how some bands write 2 encores into their set and its so forced. Naturally there was no encore tonight – when it was done it was done. Its hard to argue with a 2 hour set. In that respect they remind me of the Manic Street Preachers. More bands should take note – or at least dont write every encore into your set list 🙂

Blue Giant were an interesting opener, also from Portland, OR. An alt-country band that had some great harmonies. Some of their songs were quite catchy and they had a nice long 1 hour set. Zia joined in on a few of their last songs and it was nice to see the camaraderie between the bands.
It is their only show in NYC as theyre headed back to the west coast and will rejoin the Dandys when they return. Tomorrow night we will get NY’s Hopewell – and I cannot wait for them!

Set List (which may not be in order) — I cannot remember where Lou Weed or Every Day Should Be A Holiday fit in

Be In
Used to be Friends
Last High
I Love You
Good Morning
New Country
(You Come In) Burned
Its a Fast Driving Rave Up With the Dandy Warhols Sixteen Minutes (maybe 10?)
Horse Pills
Bohemian Like You
Get Off
Pete Int’l Spaceport/Boys Better
Country Leaver

Zia Solo: Daisy


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Float Away With Blonde Redhead

Posted by xneverwherex on November 5, 2010

Blonde Redhead
Pantha du Prince
Webster Hall

Wednesday night was the first of two nights for Blonde Redhead at Webster Hall who hadnt performed in NY in quite awhile (save for some private shows). The stage looked amazingly beautiful with 9 gold umbrellas behind them that would eventually light up and dimmer throughout the songs. It definitely enhanced their music giving their music an additional lush, beautiful feel. Kazu came out and immediately put a mask on with blonde tufts of hair covering up the face of the mask. They opened with some of their new songs which Im not sure I yet like as much as their other material.

Slow and tenative the show started, but as the night went on the music sounded tighter and the band seemed to be having a bit more fun. While barely addressing the crowd, there were smiles here and there and shout-outs to friends up in the balcony. Amedeo wandered the stage quite a bit interacting with Kazu as she played her guitar. When she wasnt playing the guitar, she was dancing almost oblivious to the crowd in front of her. It was great to see her go back and forth between keyboards, to just singing, to guitar. They also had a friend join the band who also played keyboard and guitar. Watching them up close you also see how much an integral part twin-brother Simone is on the drums. It was great watching him drum away and really getting into the show.

The night was perfect with the beautiful lights adding to the dream-like feel of their show. Beautiful, lush guitars that almost sweep you off your feet taking you somewhere else. You could close your eyes and the music just captured you. It was also nice to have 2 encores – but seeing how they were listed on the setlist, it did take away from the authenticity of them.

The major bonus of the show was this had to be one of the best crowds I had seen in a long time. For the most part, it seemed like people skewed older than a lot of shows. They were also much more polite – talking kept to a minimum and not even a lot of photographers taking pics every 5 seconds. Everyone talked about when they first saw them, how amazing they still sounded and how excited they were to be there. Some newcomers raved about they were glad friends dragged them to the show. And then setlists were handed out to everyone in the front. No pushing, shoving, cattiness that Ive seen at way too many shows.

Pantha Du Prince was an interesting opener. I loved how he brough out wineglasses, and lots of water and infused it into his music. As he toggled with knobs, he also spent time pouring water into the glass and working it into the sound he was creating. After that – it became more use of the table using it for the drums. He was definitely creative and at times the beats were beyond catchy and he’d get caught up in it all and start dancing. Im not entirely sure it worked as the best opener (I could totally see him opening for Fischerspooner), but it was highly enjoyable.

Black Guitar
Here Sometimes
Dr. Strangeluv
Spring and by Summer Fall
In Particular
Will There Be Stars
Not Getting There
Falling Man
Melody of Certain Three
My Plants Are Dead
Penny Sparkle
Love or Prison

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