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And So Begins Begins Our Odyssey

Posted by xneverwherex on September 27, 2006

Kevin Barnes - Of Montreal


Last night was one of those nights where I just really wasn’t sure how it would all turn out. I have had this ridiculous cold, and had been sneezing all day long. Was hopped up on plenty of Sudafed, and this homeopathic remedy called “ColdCalm”. Now whether or not either of them worked, is really hard to say. I was hoping to crash for a bit before the show last night, but Anthony was at my place nearing 6pm.

Got to Irving Plaza right around 8:40. No clue if we were right on time for Of Montreal, and hopefully not late. Indeed we arrived at a good time. The show last night was part of Wired Magazine’s NextFest (if i got the name correct) which was advertising new cool gadget type things. Beck was the curator for the event, meaning he was choosing the artist’s last night, of which he thought would be the next best thing. Which for Beck is Of Montrealand Jamie Cullum.

 Ando so begins begins our odyssey. Kevin comes onto the stage looking gorgeous as always. May I please borrow those boots. In red knee-high boots and a short skirt. Dottie was wearing a very sparkly tank top, looking cute as always. Bryan and Matt were both pretty close to me. Bryan in a way cute dress and Matt in a Russian eskimo hat. The show began with “So begins our Alabee” … the lyrics of the first line, being the title of the post. They played a lot of stuff off of the new album which releases in January 2007. The other majority came from The Sunlandic Twins. Kevin is an entertaining singer, zipping off the stage to change from his skirt into _very_ short shorts, which were also very tight, and a cute little shirt. I was seriously picturing him walking around the Castro in that outfit. I’ve seen many a gay boy in those short shorts. Very few can pull it off. Kevin can. There is also a scene in which Kevin is pulled to the floor by Dottie, hands bound behind his back and gagged no less. Very interesting. By this time Kevin is shirtless. I think my heart might have stopped beating.  The rest of the band is very good as well, with guitar solos happening here and there, and the band feeding off of each other’s energy as well as the crowds.

The crowd was very into music. The whole front was just people dancing and singing along. When “Disconnect the Dots” came on the crowd went into a frenzy singing along, dancing. Kevin was clearly having a great time on stage, dancing as much as the crowd. Their last album was very indie pop sounding and very catchy songs. Although the song titles would never lead you to believe that the choruses could be so sing-along friendly and catchy. So for a fun, upbeat, dancy show, with great ‘costume’ changes (if you will), of Montreal is not to be missed.  Now if they only do a cover of “You’re so Pretty, We’re so Pretty” from the Charlatans, I think that would sum it all up!

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