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And So Begins Begins Our Odyssey

Posted by xneverwherex on September 27, 2006

Kevin Barnes - Of Montreal


Last night was one of those nights where I just really wasn’t sure how it would all turn out. I have had this ridiculous cold, and had been sneezing all day long. Was hopped up on plenty of Sudafed, and this homeopathic remedy called “ColdCalm”. Now whether or not either of them worked, is really hard to say. I was hoping to crash for a bit before the show last night, but Anthony was at my place nearing 6pm.

Got to Irving Plaza right around 8:40. No clue if we were right on time for Of Montreal, and hopefully not late. Indeed we arrived at a good time. The show last night was part of Wired Magazine’s NextFest (if i got the name correct) which was advertising new cool gadget type things. Beck was the curator for the event, meaning he was choosing the artist’s last night, of which he thought would be the next best thing. Which for Beck is Of Montrealand Jamie Cullum.

 Ando so begins begins our odyssey. Kevin comes onto the stage looking gorgeous as always. May I please borrow those boots. In red knee-high boots and a short skirt. Dottie was wearing a very sparkly tank top, looking cute as always. Bryan and Matt were both pretty close to me. Bryan in a way cute dress and Matt in a Russian eskimo hat. The show began with “So begins our Alabee” … the lyrics of the first line, being the title of the post. They played a lot of stuff off of the new album which releases in January 2007. The other majority came from The Sunlandic Twins. Kevin is an entertaining singer, zipping off the stage to change from his skirt into _very_ short shorts, which were also very tight, and a cute little shirt. I was seriously picturing him walking around the Castro in that outfit. I’ve seen many a gay boy in those short shorts. Very few can pull it off. Kevin can. There is also a scene in which Kevin is pulled to the floor by Dottie, hands bound behind his back and gagged no less. Very interesting. By this time Kevin is shirtless. I think my heart might have stopped beating.  The rest of the band is very good as well, with guitar solos happening here and there, and the band feeding off of each other’s energy as well as the crowds.

The crowd was very into music. The whole front was just people dancing and singing along. When “Disconnect the Dots” came on the crowd went into a frenzy singing along, dancing. Kevin was clearly having a great time on stage, dancing as much as the crowd. Their last album was very indie pop sounding and very catchy songs. Although the song titles would never lead you to believe that the choruses could be so sing-along friendly and catchy. So for a fun, upbeat, dancy show, with great ‘costume’ changes (if you will), of Montreal is not to be missed.  Now if they only do a cover of “You’re so Pretty, We’re so Pretty” from the Charlatans, I think that would sum it all up!


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Shoot The Runner

Posted by xneverwherex on September 21, 2006

9/20/05 – Webster Hall – Kasabian, Mew and Onethousand Pictures

First off – let me just start by saying that each show I go to, gets better than the previous. I was sooooo convinced that nothing would live up to Starsailor. Boy, was I ever wrong. So, I arrived at Webster Hall later than I wanted to. 8:20 give or take, and One Thousand Pictures were on the stage. At this point, one of the guys in the band decides its joke time. Im thinking WTF. And he goes on to say how its his first time in NY, and he tells the crowd to sing along with him. He starts naturally singing ‘New York, NY’ from Frank Sinatra. Well dont ask me about this crowd, but no one did a thing. So he was getting irritated, and stopped his Sinatra renditions. OneThousand Pictures are from San Diego, CA and proud of it you can tell. I love my California boys, and they did not disappoint. Their music was catchy and they loved to talk it up with the crowd. I guess you could call them another one of those indie-pop bands, which would describe them. You could easily get into their music, as it was very attainable for the masses. I only caught about 15-20 mins. of their set, and was very disappointed (in myself obviously).

 Next up – Mew – I’d like to start by telling the people standing next to me, if you feel the need to sit all the time, at a sold-out show, go to the f’ing back of the room. And to complain about how much standing – c’mon, now! And enough of the high-school non-funniness of pushing yourself into me. I was not amused. And then acting like you didn’t know who did it. I did meet some interesting people who were placing bets on something (never figured that out) and the Asian girl next to me, who was so nice.

Anyway, I really didn’t know much about Mew. I tried to listen to their stuff on myspace at work, and it just wasnt grabbing me. The volume was low, so maybe that was the problem. Mew blew me away. A band from Denmark, the lead singer has a quality voice. He can hit such high notes, and his voice is never off-key, out of tune. Not that I am any Simon Cowell, far from it. But you know a great lead singer when you hear one. The music was great. Long, droning guitars, reminded me of a shoe-gaze band, mixed in with a bit of indie-pop. It was so easy to get lost in their music, and just feel it resonate in your body. I wouldn’t know a single song they sang, but I am definitely addicted! The band seemed friendly and so excited to be playing. Which is always such a great thing to see. I think they played just under an hour, but should have kept going.

Next up – KASABIAN!

Wow! Wow! I think I finally understand the hype of Kasabian, and they definitely gear their music to huge stadiums. You would have thought they were playing a huge set, which works with me. And listening to their first album- they clearly have a lot of anthem songs. So the set opens with “Shoot The Runner”, and the crowd is in love. Dancing up a storm. Tom is an incredible front man, all ready for the crowd to start rocking, telling everyone to get their hands in the air. Serge is an amazing guitarist. They feed well off of each other which made the night fly by. Some of the songs seemed to go on which was nice. Tom really plays it up for the crowd. Getting everyone to dance, sing along more often than not, and a light show that clearly works at stadium shows. It all worked incredibly well, I just wonder if next time I’m doomed to seeing them at a huge stadium. Tom came by after he finished, shaking people’s hands in the front row. And Tom clearly loves to dance. Most of the songs he was on the stage dancing his ass off, having a better time than the crowd. I wish I had taken more photos, but with the intensity of the show, it was near impossible to take so many, dancing around, and what not. At nearly just over an hour, and ending with Clubfoot (well I think), I wished they had kept going. There was no encore.

Either way, excellent show, and I can’t wait to see Kasabian again!

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Silence Is Easy

Posted by xneverwherex on September 12, 2006

James Walsh - Starsailor - 9/11/06 - Irving Plaza

James Walsh – Starsailor – 9/11/06 – Irving Plaza,
originally uploaded by xneverwherex.


Living in New York on 9/11, the 5- year anniversary no less, was pretty surreal. The city seemed pretty somber (no big surprise), people waiting for late subway trains weren’t nearly as agitated as they might usually be. It was a nice change. I got to work to find our lobby had a table in front with a red/white/blue flowery plant. The security (shows that we live in a post 9/11 world), were handing out American Flag pins. If anything, it was a nice gesture. I really cant imagine having lived out here during that time.

This has been concert week for me, and I have been insanely busy. I only wish I had posted my comments about the prior show. I will have to go back and add some in.

Last night was Starsailor – a pic of James Walsh, the singer is shown. James is a charismatic lead singer. He is clearly in love with his day job. He was talkative, and clearly was glad to be back in New York City. I should mention, I saw Snow Patrol on Friday night, and Starsailor (sounding very similar) blew them out of the water. James has a voice that is so beautiful sounding, I dont even think the AI judges could find fault with him. He can sound amazingly just like Bono. He also did a song with Joseph Arthur and even performed one song acoustic. I wish I remembered what song it was.

I am attaching what I wrote to my friend’s last night after my return home. I think this was one of the best shows I have seen in a long time. James has a fabulous voice, and they play stuff from all of their
albums. their live version of 4 on the floor is f’ing incredible, and turns into this really dancy mix, where he started to tell everyone to dance their asses off. he is one hell of a front man, very talkative, clearly is in love with new york, (said some very nice things about the 5 year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks). good souls was really incredible live as well as the silence is easy. ok every song was. i
thought (and still think) snow patrol put on a great set, but i think this show blew it out of the water.

Btw – the title for this post is one of their more popular songs, but it sure fit with the theme of the 11th.

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Doh! It took me this long…

Posted by xneverwherex on September 2, 2006

Sometimes I wonder what is with me and how I can be so absent-minded. So originally I was setting this up using Safari. yes, I’m a loyal mac-user. But today, I figured I’m having lots of issues with Safari, so why not use Mozilla. Now I FINALLY realize today, that apparently I should have been using Mozilla all along, as Safari isn’t supported. Can I just say, figures?

Just saw the movie Memories of Murder, thanks Hannah. Very well done movie, and can’t believe it took me this long to see it. About a group of Investigators from Korea trying to solve a murder. Well one murder escalates becoming a lot more, and these bumbling investigators, just cant keep it together. Beating the shit out of someone, great way to try and solve a crime, or get a confession, but likely not to work. Anyway, the cinematography is gorgeous, and its not an American-movie. I don’t want to spoil it, but take my word.

And how much more can I mess up today — my comments on a movie vanished. Just my luck. So last night I was going to head out to South Street Seaport after work. The Spinto band and local New York artists were there for a free show. But the weather is just shite right now. So I came home and watched the movie – Temporadss de Patos (Duck Season) in English. Now this is a Mexican film, won a bunch of independent awards and was backed by Alfonso Cuaron. So the hype is quite good. But I came away 88 mins later feeling blah. A story of two-teenaged boys left home on a Sunday afternoon. They have some interesting adventures with a pizza-man who wont leave, (the boys say he was 11 seconds late, so of course they wont pay him)… although easily these are some funny scenes. the boys betting the pizza guy on an x-box game football (soccer) with manchester united and The Spanish Team that Beckham plays for (forgot the name).. this was soooooooo funny.. GOOOOAAAALLLLL! I could become a huge football fan, I’m sure. 🙂  And another adventure includes their next door neighbor who is trying to bake a cake, which of course leads to problems (cant figure out fahrenheit from celcius) and she ends up baking brownies with an added ingredient. These are by far some of the best moments in the movie, but its just slow and rather drags. Theres not much point aside from seeing an afternoon with the two boys. They are quite cute. Are they the next Y Tu Mama Tambien, darlings? Well they do have a future, I’m sure of that.

Hannah should be here soon! yippee! We are going to see Crank today (we love Jason Statham) and then off to cakeshop tonight. Need to post more pics.

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