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More Concerts, More Movies – Im Tired!

Posted by xneverwherex on June 14, 2007


So this here is a summary of a bunch of months into one post. To give you an idea of my life, I got home last night from work with a massive headache. This meant, bailing on Grindhouse (which I still need to see), and falling asleep while watching Machuca around 7:30pm. I should say, Machuca is so worth seeing. It reminds me of Y Tu Mama Tambien, without the likes of Gael Garcia Bernal. The kids are much younger, but some of the scenes had my mouth left on the floor. Use your imagination. 🙂

 As my movie page is now corrupt (meaning I cant figure out how to edit it), I also just recently saw a screening of the movie Stop Loss. This is Kimberly Peirce’s new film. She is the director of Boys Don’t Cry, which gave Hilary Swank her first Oscar. This movie is incredibly powerful, and its name comes from the Stop Loss program that the military is once again putting into effect. Officers that have completed their tours (sometimes 2-3) and are scheduled to be done on a certain date, are stop-lossed and must complete longer tours. This is happening a lot now (think 81,000 troops are stop-lossed) as we don’t have enough people willing to serve. These troops sometimes must go on and on with serving in the world. According to law, the stop loss program is only in operation in a time of war. The question comes down to, if we are not in a time of war, can you force someone to do this.

The movie is the story of Ryan Phillipe and some other friends from Texas who are getting ready to finish their tours, and once back in the states learn that they have been stop-lossed. Its interesting to see the different reactions and how it affects people differently.

As this was an early screening of the film, I have a feeling a lot of the film could change, based on comments about the film. I thought it was perfect as it was, but it was beyond violent, and its hard to watch a lot of the war shots, as they are so violent. Its very in your face, which is perhaps we as Americans need. It does seem like that at some point, the worst is going to happen – and by that I mean the draft will be reinstated.

Other things: The Long Blondes on Saturday night. Fun show, but didn’t blow me away. Had some catchy songs, but the bassist seemed like she’d have rather been elsewhere. And she wasnt very good. Saw The Veils at the Mercury Lounge. Brilliant show. Lead singer has a great voice and the band played a very tight set. The lead singer is spastic and out of control, all over the stage, but it adds to the show. Also, The Noisettes with Maccabees at Knitting Factory. The Noisettes were so bizarre and it was a pretty out there show. Im not a fan of them, so it was hard for me to really get into it, but the lead singer was a trip to watch. Maccabees tore the place up, and had a dance party with everyone singing the songs. Lead singer was so impressed that everyone knew the lyrics and they seemed so excited to have a packed show. Great! cant wait to see them again.

I know I’m missing out on a lot more shows. And there is so much good stuff coming around. Keep your eyes peeled 🙂


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Tribeca Film Festival

Posted by xneverwherex on May 3, 2007

Im copying this post from another site I’ve been posting at. Im actually doing something pretty cool here – why, you ask? – well mostly for the hell of it, and its turning out to be pretty fun, to keep the world (east coast) apprised of whats going on around them.

so if you have time go to: www.alex.to/doomlink  – and i post under xneverwherex

So heres my update for Tribeca, which Im proud to say im a volunteer at.

Instead of creating a thread for every single movie I have seen, I am going to make it all inclusive. I fear that no one will ever see these films, but alas, please, please, please be sure to see films at your local arthouse cinema.Last night, while working I kept seeing this guy (and have seen him numerous times) at the festival and thought – I know him. So I check out his badge and his name is Barry Sisson. At this point I dont care if I name drop because there could be something in this for everyone. Barry Sisson is heading up Cavalier Films based out of Charlottesville, VA. I used to frequent Cinema Arts (Fairfax, VA) all the time and was invited in an offer to become an investor on his next film. After having numerous financial advisers and co-workers read the documents, with no real money to my name, it was a very risky venture. A Film did get made under Cavalier, although I am not sure which film it is.Cavalier is apparently looking for investors for another film. If interested, please contact me and I will get you in touch with him. Please note – I get NOTHING out of this. Im only putting this up, because you never know who is interested in what.

Long story short, Barry remembered me from a few years back in Virginia and told me of his new opportunity. He also purchased a film at Tribeca but alas I dont know which it was.

On to the good stuff:
The Ballad of Esequiel Hernandez – brilliant documentary – if it comes to Silver Docs – get out there and see this. Esequiel Hernandez was the first person murdered on US land by armed forces since the Kent State killings. He lived in a small Texas border-town and was herding goats when he was taken out. Brilliant, brilliant film and for thsoe that think this sounds familiar – Tommy Lee Jones film “The Three Burials” is this story. Tommy Lee Jones did narrate this film and the filmmakers worked on Three Burials.

Fraulein – a Yugoslavian film (yes I know there is no more Yugoslavia) that is an interesting story of women who have had to leave the country and all converge in Switzerland. A Bit slow, but the filmmakers were adorable (and all-women!) that it definitely added to the film. Nice story, but I wasnt terribly moved by it.

Gardener of Eden – This is Kevin Connolly’s directorial debut (of Entourage – plays Vince’s manager, Eric) and is produced by Leo DiCaprio (does he even need a last name). Major major disappointment. Big names, wanted and needed a much better script. Kid from NJ ends up getting kicked out of school and ends up going back home to NJ to live with his parents. One day, out of pure frustration, he beats the hell out of a guy and is claimed local hero the next. naturally, the guy was a serial rapist. The kid thinks he’s now super-cop and goes out trying to solve all the crimes and fix the world. Eh, had its moments, but is only worth maybe $6 or netflix (which obviously it will come to with such big names behind it).

note to self: dont see blockbuster movies at film festivals.

Day Zero – I have not seen the whole movie (I was working) but from what I did see, this movie has promise (the fact that I know the ending KILLS me) but its the story of 3 friends from NYC (naturally, right?) who end up getting drafted into the war. this takes place in current day and is a fictional (so far) account of what would happen if we reinstated the draft. One guy (Chris Klein) is trying to find a way out of going; he has just made partner at his firm. another friend is gung-ho about going to war and killing people and the other friend (Elijah Wood) is indifferent and doesnt know what to do. Seems great from what I’ve seen. Oh how my skin crawled at the thought of reinstating the draft.

The last movie (as of today) was from John Dahl, director of Red Rock West (please tell me someone has seen this) and The Last Seduction (with Linda Fiorintino) is You Kill Me.

This film I have not yet seen the entire thing, but saw most of the film. The acting is great with an incredible story. The writers seem very cool, and after the Q&A, I’ll definitely be on the lookout for more of their films.

In this smart, darkly funny drama by John Dahl (The Last Seduction) about addiction and recovery, Ben Kingsley delivers a bravura performance as Frank, an alcoholic contract killer forced to go through a twelve-step program and become a funeral home assistant. Also starring Tea Leoni and Luke Wilson

Thats it for now!

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High Fidelity

Posted by xneverwherex on December 25, 2006

Easily a top 5 in some list I’d be making, I’m sure of that. Off the bat, noticed the Of Montreal poster playing at a Chicago club. Of course, when the movie came out I had no clue who Of Montreal even was. I never even realized how great the Beta Band really was. Thanks Rob Gordon.

Funny, how years later from first seeing it, I enjoyed it so much more. Maybe I could appreciate it more, or maybe it says something about my life now. I think at some point in our lives we want to go back and reevaluate past relationships and figure out what went wrong. I often wonder how many times I was in Rob’s position (played by the brilliant John Cusack), where I already had one foot out the door and wasn’t able to really commit. Rob sure does a great job at showing the fear of committment. And really, this is NOT just a guy thing. Us women have the same fears. Ok maybe not all of us, but I surely did at some points in my life.

So I recommed that everyone goes back and watches this all over again, and realizes just how clever this movie is. Its brilliant! They just don’t make movies like this anymore. And the cast of his girlfriends and friends couldn’t be a better group of actors.

Or for any readers, go read the book from Nick Hornby. I’ve read most of his books, but somehow skipped over this. Time to go back and read this.

My only disappointment with the DVD… NO COMMENTARY!?! WTF. I guess I expected more from the extras and was a bit disappointment with how minimal it is. Time for a special edition to come out.

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The Lost City

Posted by xneverwherex on November 13, 2006

Its not so often that a movie really inspires me to find old history books and re-read things that I learned in college (I was a Latin American/Iberian Studies Major). This was one of those movies that did. The Lost City is Andy Garcia’s directorial debut and his 16-year labor of love. Its a beautiful story of a city, Havana, Cuba. For most of the actors in this movie, of Cuban descent, this movie is very important, as for they can no longer go back there, and are living in exile.

The story moves quickly with music taking us through every step of the film. The music captures the essence of Havana, Cuba, from the powerfulness of Afro-Cuban beats, to more popular Cuban music. The scenery is gorgeous, with views of the colonial city of Havana, to the gorgeous cabanas, to the crystal clear ocean.

What is interesting of the film is how the Fellove family begins to crumble. A family that is so filled with love slowly deteriorates, much the way the country of Cuba does. A well-to-do middle class family, with a father that is a professor at the university, Fico (Andy Garcia) who owns the Tropico cabana. But as it becomes apparent that the fall of Batista will be inevitable, and the children start joining Revolutionary armies, the family soon falls apart. One son joins up with the July 26 movement (Che Guevara’s), and another son joins a movement to reinstate the 1940’s Constitution. As the country soon falls, and Che and Fidel rise, choices need to be made. Families are forever torn apart, with many members taking exile in Miami and NYC. Most of these families will never see each other again.

What is unfortunate, unlike Spielberg’s name on the film, it will never been seen by most. It has terrific acting, with cameos from Dustin Hoffman and Bill Murry as the writer (interjecting about the absurdity that is going on), and a brilliant fictional story with historical overtones, its worth seeing in the way Schindler’s List is worth seeing. It doesn’t glorify Che, the way he is now seen on bumper stickers, shirts, etc. It shows Che for what he was and neither him nor Fidel walk away with clean hands. Che is said to have murdered a good 2000 people – which makes one wonder. For those wearing his shirt, I always wondered, did they take the time to read into Che and stop looking at him as a hero.

Unfortunately Cuba is not the only country to have gone through this revolution. Bolivia also had a similar revolution. So did most of Latin America at some point. History does repeat itself unfortunately, and maybe one day people will start to learn about Latin America and what really goes on.

So, if you have the opportunity to see this, please do! And if you have a chance listen to the commentary, and read what the actors had to say about filming this movie. It had an impact on everyone and knowing how it inspired these actors inspired me to start re-reading about some of the brilliant artists, poets and writers from Cuba. Marti was a brilliant poet. And there are so many others to name.

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Doh! It took me this long…

Posted by xneverwherex on September 2, 2006

Sometimes I wonder what is with me and how I can be so absent-minded. So originally I was setting this up using Safari. yes, I’m a loyal mac-user. But today, I figured I’m having lots of issues with Safari, so why not use Mozilla. Now I FINALLY realize today, that apparently I should have been using Mozilla all along, as Safari isn’t supported. Can I just say, figures?

Just saw the movie Memories of Murder, thanks Hannah. Very well done movie, and can’t believe it took me this long to see it. About a group of Investigators from Korea trying to solve a murder. Well one murder escalates becoming a lot more, and these bumbling investigators, just cant keep it together. Beating the shit out of someone, great way to try and solve a crime, or get a confession, but likely not to work. Anyway, the cinematography is gorgeous, and its not an American-movie. I don’t want to spoil it, but take my word.

And how much more can I mess up today — my comments on a movie vanished. Just my luck. So last night I was going to head out to South Street Seaport after work. The Spinto band and local New York artists were there for a free show. But the weather is just shite right now. So I came home and watched the movie – Temporadss de Patos (Duck Season) in English. Now this is a Mexican film, won a bunch of independent awards and was backed by Alfonso Cuaron. So the hype is quite good. But I came away 88 mins later feeling blah. A story of two-teenaged boys left home on a Sunday afternoon. They have some interesting adventures with a pizza-man who wont leave, (the boys say he was 11 seconds late, so of course they wont pay him)… although easily these are some funny scenes. the boys betting the pizza guy on an x-box game football (soccer) with manchester united and The Spanish Team that Beckham plays for (forgot the name).. this was soooooooo funny.. GOOOOAAAALLLLL! I could become a huge football fan, I’m sure. 🙂  And another adventure includes their next door neighbor who is trying to bake a cake, which of course leads to problems (cant figure out fahrenheit from celcius) and she ends up baking brownies with an added ingredient. These are by far some of the best moments in the movie, but its just slow and rather drags. Theres not much point aside from seeing an afternoon with the two boys. They are quite cute. Are they the next Y Tu Mama Tambien, darlings? Well they do have a future, I’m sure of that.

Hannah should be here soon! yippee! We are going to see Crank today (we love Jason Statham) and then off to cakeshop tonight. Need to post more pics.

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