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4/30/2023 Low Coast – “I Know We’ll Never Know”

Posted by xneverwherex on April 30, 2023

4/30/2023 Low Coast – “I Know We’ll Never Know”

While I’m not familiar with Jeff Caudill’s prior band Gameface, all I do know is Low Coast is worth a listen. The album, Existing The Dream, is out in late May. And, based on this song I can’t wait for the rest. It’s indie, and its got that americana-pastoral sound. But the biggest stand out is Caudill’s vocals. Reminding me of other ’90s stalwarts, this could have been a lost indie gem from that time. The song is melodic and is perfect for that long drive you have planned this summer!


One Response to “4/30/2023 Low Coast – “I Know We’ll Never Know””

  1. Mike Mendoza said

    Nice song!


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