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Doh! It took me this long…

Posted by xneverwherex on September 2, 2006

Sometimes I wonder what is with me and how I can be so absent-minded. So originally I was setting this up using Safari. yes, I’m a loyal mac-user. But today, I figured I’m having lots of issues with Safari, so why not use Mozilla. Now I FINALLY realize today, that apparently I should have been using Mozilla all along, as Safari isn’t supported. Can I just say, figures?

Just saw the movie Memories of Murder, thanks Hannah. Very well done movie, and can’t believe it took me this long to see it. About a group of Investigators from Korea trying to solve a murder. Well one murder escalates becoming a lot more, and these bumbling investigators, just cant keep it together. Beating the shit out of someone, great way to try and solve a crime, or get a confession, but likely not to work. Anyway, the cinematography is gorgeous, and its not an American-movie. I don’t want to spoil it, but take my word.

And how much more can I mess up today — my comments on a movie vanished. Just my luck. So last night I was going to head out to South Street Seaport after work. The Spinto band and local New York artists were there for a free show. But the weather is just shite right now. So I came home and watched the movie – Temporadss de Patos (Duck Season) in English. Now this is a Mexican film, won a bunch of independent awards and was backed by Alfonso Cuaron. So the hype is quite good. But I came away 88 mins later feeling blah. A story of two-teenaged boys left home on a Sunday afternoon. They have some interesting adventures with a pizza-man who wont leave, (the boys say he was 11 seconds late, so of course they wont pay him)… although easily these are some funny scenes. the boys betting the pizza guy on an x-box game football (soccer) with manchester united and The Spanish Team that Beckham plays for (forgot the name).. this was soooooooo funny.. GOOOOAAAALLLLL! I could become a huge football fan, I’m sure. 🙂  And another adventure includes their next door neighbor who is trying to bake a cake, which of course leads to problems (cant figure out fahrenheit from celcius) and she ends up baking brownies with an added ingredient. These are by far some of the best moments in the movie, but its just slow and rather drags. Theres not much point aside from seeing an afternoon with the two boys. They are quite cute. Are they the next Y Tu Mama Tambien, darlings? Well they do have a future, I’m sure of that.

Hannah should be here soon! yippee! We are going to see Crank today (we love Jason Statham) and then off to cakeshop tonight. Need to post more pics.


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