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Ash x2

Posted by xneverwherex on October 6, 2006

Strange that I just realized the title really does refer to two things:

1. I am seeing Evil Dead (the Musical tonight). (hence the name Ash 🙂 )

its only $3, so for $3 I’m sure ill think its awesome, and its right down the street from me. 🙂 even better.

2. I saw Ash last night. Last night was a bit of drama (as if my life never has any). I had an interview last night, and it went quite long. then i raced home (more like anthony picked me up while i was walking down the street) so I could see the band Cities. So took a super quick shower, went down to the knitting factory, and learned that a) cities was sold out and b) the show wasnt an 8pm show, it was 10:30. so i was pissed. but instead went to 1@1 an irish bar. must have been an irish sorta night. got pretty trashed with one drink (anthony and i both decided it was pure alcohol) his margarita was so strong, the tequila wasnt helping either. anyway then found out couldnt get into the club till 11 – Ash was coming on at midnight – so walked around the lower east side and found some really cheap bar. got a beer till we left about 15 mins later. was a pretty cheesy bar, but if i had gotten any more drunk i swear id have been on the table singing those really bad 80’s songs. think – boston (more than a feeling), and lita ford, ac/dc.

Anyway, The Annex (club where it was in the lower east side) was pretty packed just around 11:15/11:30. Wide mix of people and lots of older people. Ash came on pretty close to midnight. Tim looks pretty shaggy. Sad that I forgot the other 2 guys names in the band. They played a short 40 min set or so. Their new stuff is what most stood out in my mind. Sounded very well rehearsed. I found it amusing that they could nto play “jack names the planets” as a 3-piece band. they said they hadnt rehearsed it. they did play girl from mars, burn baby burn, petrol, and quite a few other songs in between. was a good set. Tim sounds great, and the guitars were sounding really good. As a 3-piece like before they still sound great. Although I must say I do miss Charlotte. It was lots of fun. Im sure we could have met the band, as we went down some wrong stairwell and it turns out that was where the band was hanging out. In the downstairs part of the club. Tim did comment on how much fun that he was having that he could have played another 2 hours, but didnt know any more songs. Too funny. Anthony got some good shots, while I left my camera as I just didnt feel like taking it. My cell phone pics are probably nothing all that great.


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