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Explosions and Swedish Bands…

Posted by xneverwherex on July 19, 2007


Im here at home normally at this time I’d be at work. But thanks to exploding water pipes in Grand Central, my work is closed. Seriously, as much as I joke about it, I missed it by 15 mins. which kind of freaks me out. Having all of my friends call me up to make sure I was ok, I did realize how gravely serious this all was. Its natural that one’s first thought is 9/11 all over again. But thankfully, I am really OK. I am just sitting here on this gorgeous day about to pop in a movie.

In the meantime, I started reading a blog about bonnaroo from John Roderick of The Long Winters. Seriously, genius I muttered to myself a few times. I love the way he writes and experiences the shows.

In other news – I missed a few bands last night because I seriously thought I’d pass out. My whole thing of trying to see so many bands in one week is just not possible when one holds a day job, and said bands are all over NYC (Jersey included).

So lets go back to Tuesday night. Meet some friends at Barcade in Williamsburg. I must say that this is an awesome bar. It looks like a warehouse and its just a big empty space with arcade games surrounding the bar. And these were the games I grew up on. And at only $.25 you cant go wrong. Challenged my friend to Ms. Pacman in which he beat me in terms of score 34,000 (and change) to my 32,000 (and change), but I got farther along in levels. So I’m still saying I won 🙂 Met some other ‘regulars’ at the bar who told me I should go hang out with them on a regular basis. I think one guy professed something about being the lone black guy in the place. How can you not have a small chuckle.

After it was off to Luna Lounge. Now lately I have become a big fan of the place. Im not a fan of the super late start times (and yes, i know this is music), but shows advertised to start at 8:30 are now starting at 9:30. Well technically were going on at 9. But what can you do. And the first band was rather catchy. They are called Saturday Looks Good To Me. Hailing from the great state of Michigan. Now what I found most bizarre was the drummer who came out wearing flip flops. I just don’t understand how some people show up to a show looking like – well like they just dont care. And the kid was a cute kid, but perhaps I’m secretly appalled when people wear those shoes on a stage at a show. Regardless of what the kid was wearing (and he looks really young, but lord knows so do I, so I shouldnt write that), the band was quite good. Catchy, upbeat music. The lead singer and guitarist looked down and smiled at me. I was happy! And the aforementioned drummer, did break out on guitar on one song, and he was talented 🙂 I couldnt help but watch him most of the set. So yeah, when you can check them out. I think Im more blown away by them after hearing them off their website.

Lead singer does have a really great voice and the keyboardist is quite talented as well. Great lyrics, catchy songs, what more can you want. And I should have known – they were on the Polyvinyl label, which I’m madly in love with these days.

Now this next review is even more biased than my others. I cant explain my love for The Shout Out Louds. When I first came across “The Comeback” I was in love with them already. When Howl Howl Gaff Gaff came out I listened to it all the way through over and over. Sweden knows how to put out the best pop bands and Shout Out Louds fully delivered on Tuesday night.

Its worth it to have a listen to their new stuff, because I’m pretty sure Adam is channeling Robert Smith through the new stuff. If you think of the poppy sound of “Friday I’m In Love”, you might have the newest version of The Shout Out Louds. Adam is a great musician and has an excellent voice. And anyone can rock out in white pants is A-OK with me. The band recognizes faces in the crowd, acknowledging the fans who came out. And their fans are a loyal bunch. Everyone seemed to know the lyrics to all their songs and were singing along. But it wasnt over the top annoying. Ande aside from a guy who decides he should try and do some crowd surfing, which landed his ass on the floor, it was a relatively calm crowd with lots of dancing.

And now the setlist which I couldnt have asked for a better night of music:

    Time Left – a new song, that is really catchy
    Comeback – oh and if youre not familiar with the song, the intro is from the game Pole Position by Atari. Now if only Barcade would get that game!
    Suit Yourself
    Please Please Please – another one of my favorites off the first album
    South America
    My Friend
    Hurry Up – another brilliant song!
    Parents Living Room
    100 degrees – which I have the whole video for and just might be my favorite song
    Tonight – their newest song/single

    Very Loud

The keyboard player sometimes seemed in her own world, but every once in awhile she’d look out and smile and you could tell she was having a great time. The other band members are great, and there is such great chemistry among the band members its great to watch them. Without a lot of talking between songs, and just a solid set of music just over an hour or so long, it proved out to be a great night and probably one of my favorite shows. Like I said, I already loved the band, but they kicked ass! This video should show it.


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