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Sharp = $3.50 w/The Rentals

Posted by xneverwherex on August 24, 2007


I happened to come across this sweet deal, where I was able to obtain Rentals tix for $3.50. And seriously, for that price how could anyone say no. So I invited 3 other people to come along with me from my meetup group.

The night started off with a band called Goldenboy who apparently is friends with Matt Sharp. He played on one of their songs later in the set. Goldenboy played a bit too long for an opener, and it was a bit slow. It was good music, but it just didn’t have anything to get me excited about the Rentals. Nearly 45 mins later and they were finally done.

Next up was Copeland. I wasnt familiar with their music, had a familiar name, and one of the guys is convinced its a reincarnation of Radiohead. I must say I’m not sure I agree on that one. The lead singer has a great voice and their music is very catchy. It was easy to just get into their music with a very familiar indie-pop sound. Only major disappointment was a 35 MINUTE set. I was completely blown away, as I really thought they were much better than the first band. Truly, it seemed completely backwards. And besides, the guys were quite nice to look at 😉

Around 10:30pm The Rentals came on. Now truth be told, aside from Matt Sharp (formerly bass player in Weezer) fronting the band, I really didn’t know any of their songs. I knew the song “Friends of P”, but wasn’t sure I’d recognize anything else.

Instead, I was blown away to one hell of a performance. Very catchy songs that were quite recognizeable, combined with likeable performers consisting of a woman on violin, a woman on bass, and a whole bunch of other people in the band. A filled stage with lots of dancing and truly a band having a great time. Matt is an incredible front-man, making use of the entire stage, going back and forth to opposite ends, truly playing to the crowd.

He had some very funny banter about their trip to Minneapolis and some mention of Purple Rain and Prince. Along with the drummers mustache reminding people of Hall & Oates. Why they didnt play “Maneater” one will never know – but the crowd surely wanted it. It was enjoyable and even more funny.

It was a great crowd, although I’m not entirely sure about the pushing/shoving/mock mosh pit. Was truly annoying more than anything, and it cleared out the crowd in parts of the room. But these guys truly enjoyed their music as they were all singing along.

The set ended at midnight and Matt clearly didn’t have enough time to play everything he had wanted. I guess it means that they will have to return soon. Was awesome to hear “Friends of P” live. The crowd went insane! What a set it was and I will surely be seeing them next time they come around. Great company and great band = sharp time!


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