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Giveaway! Win a Free 110 Percent Heart Tote Bag

Posted by xneverwherex on March 13, 2013

This is pretty awesome and I highly encourage everyone to check it out — along with T’s awesome blogs/photos/videos. Shes a great photographer with a great eye for whats fashionable!

The TEAR-N TAN Files

Inspired by her New Year’s Resolution to live life 110%, Ame Ame owner Teresa Soroka is living life beyond her potential in hopes of creating a better environment for all.

110 Percent Heart is an indiegogo project Soroka started to create a more sustainable and beautiful world one umbrella, one tote, and one city park at a time.   Millions of umbrellas end up in landfills every year.  These umbrellas usually made from steel or aluminum and petroleum, most of which are produced by sweatshop labor, will be tossed into garbage cans, which eventually end up in the landfills.  As quality is compromised, the constant need for a new umbrella grows, when they are constantly being destroyed from strong winds and poor construction.


Soroka is currently in the midst of producing her own durable and fashionable umbrellas, and her 110 Percent Heart project was created to get funding for these umbrellas. …

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