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Enough route to Austin

Posted by xneverwherex on March 8, 2014

Im in the air en route to Austin. The guy next to me is working in Photoshop and doing all sorts of coding. Prob works for google; at least he’s not wearing an Instagram shirt like another guy on the flight. Maybe he’s the founder.

Beyond tired. Got hardly any sleep. First visit w Noah at my new apt. And a success. .. he loves it. Ok so I’m living in colma but my balcony is nice and cemetery free. Im sure there’s more dead ppl than live ones. But its home.

Sxsw is around the corner. Stacey is tired and so am I. At least its a mostly chill day. Whole foods for healthy eating options and then maybe check out a film at the fest.

Its on. Its coming fast. More soon.

Oh good news. Schedule is looking swell. 🙂


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