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Canoeing Down the Bronx

Posted by xneverwherex on August 23, 2006

Heading down the River

Heading down the River,
originally uploaded by xneverwherex.

Ok… so this is entry #1. I have been so lazy with these blogs. Honestly, this is probably my 2 zillionth blog I have created. I found one from DC, and I laughed hysterically at what I wrote. At least I can make myself crack up. So this picture is from this weekend, 8/19/06, when a group of close to 20 of us in total went canoeing down the Bronx River. This is one of the pictures from the canoe. We canoed down the River – through the Botanical Gardens – past the zoo – yeah we’re the monkeys in the boat. It is the most gorgeous unseen area of New York. I am going to volunteer there, so if you’re ever visiting the City, please be sure to check it out.


3 Responses to “Canoeing Down the Bronx”

  1. Greg said

    hey, how are you. i just wanted to ask…how would i be able to canoe the bronx river.. i hear its free of charge, it was stated on t.v. {pbs} i would just like to know the process of how i can do that… thank you…have a godbless day


  2. Greg – for more info on the Bronx River, the calendar has some useful information. Although all events are free, please please please donate to a worthy cause. The Bronx River Alliance is responsible for keeping the river clean and also helps to educate about the river and area.


    also http://www.bronxriveralliance.org is another site.


  3. How do I arrange for a canoe trip?
    Pls. send contact number and directions from Manhattan.
    Dates and times
    Thank you,


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