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Boggling Drunk?

Posted by xneverwherex on August 23, 2006

So what the hell is this youre asking about?? Well today’s boggle game was not a drunken nightmare. Tonight’s game was held in Washington Square Park (the Village for those not from here), and no alcohol. We were in a public park. The night was gorgeous. I arrived around 6:30, and immediately saw Allison, a woman I met at another event. We talked a bit, I met new people, we ate a bunch of junk (rice krispie treats, chips, cookies, cupcakes, and grapes (yeah the only healthy thing)). And then it was onto boggle. Wow, was I ever horrible at this, that I’m afraid to play drunk. I mean, I guess I cant do worse.

I wish I had some pics to share. I should be able to find some. There is a cool pic that someone took of a woman who made cupcakes in the shape of a boggle game. Get your pens/pencils ready and be prepared for fun.

So yes, on occasion this is what I’m doing in New York. Meeting new people, eating way too much junk and putting my brain to good use!

Tomorrow is Absinthe. I will be sure to post, I assure you this will be the most interesting show that I will have seen since coming to New York. Only for those 18+, a cirque du soleil for the adults. Cant wait!


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