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Lost in Greenpoint – CMJ Round 2

Posted by xneverwherex on November 3, 2006

11/2/06 – Polyvinyl Records Showcase with Headlights, Boris Yeltsin, Decibully and Cale

Was a bit disappointed I didn’t hit the free party with Extra Blue Kind. But I was running late as usual. So hopped on the L and headed over to Greenpoint, Brooklyn. So, Luke and I were talking about Boris Yeltsin, and when we got off the train a guy and girl came up to us to ask us for directions to the show. So we start talking and it turns out they are from Missouri, home of Boris Yeltsin. After a bit more talking, turns out Benjamin is the drummer for Foundry Field Recordings. And the band is playing on Saturday night at Crash Mansion with The Divorce who I had really wanted to see. So we all head on over to Greenpoint together, and I get incredibly lost. I have no clue which way the club is. So I ask a few people, and no one seems to have a clue where I am going. Finally after asking lots more people we find it. Ok, so a 3 minute walk took all of 30 mins. LOL. So much for my great sense of directions.

Arrive at Europa. Cool club with a stage upstairs. The stage is quite small but on a platform and the room is decent size. With lots of tables, bar stools, and couches along the far wall. The crowd surprisingly isn’t the epitome of indie hipster, but very casual, laid-back.  The first artist up – yes, of course it wasnt close to being on time – was Cale Parks, the drummer of Aloha. He is a one-man show who plays everything from guitars, to drums to keyboard, all the while working his Mac computer. This was only his second show, and he really had no stage presence. Im sure part of that was from trying to do too many things at once. At moments, it seemed he was going to crash into all the instruments, trying to side-step around the small stage. His music reminds me of a DJ set, but could definitely use the second person ala the Basement Jaxx or the Presets. There were moments where he should have let the music continue and almost fade out, but the songs would just abruptly end. No music to get lost in. I realize now I should have stayed for Aloha, as I didn’t quite realize he was in the band. Maybe would have shown me a different side to him.

Next up was Decibully. I was really looking forward to seeing them since I had missed them at the DAMFest the weekend before. And they delivered. Lots of guitar, great vocals, great keys and great drumming. What more could have been wanted. The songs were instantly likeable as were the guys in the band. The fact that the band gets along so great, really comes through on the stage and in their set. Psychedelic rock, as how they describe themselves sums it right up.

Next up was Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, which is the 3rd best band at CMJ, according to the band themselves. Before the band came on, I met a guy who was friends with the bassist’s father. And that was pretty cool, because this guy had never seen them. He told me how they got famous when their song appeared on the OC. Great tip to know, as I never watched the OC. I should for their music. Boris was as fun as ever last night. Their songs are so fun, catchy and poppy. The essence of indie pop. Last night they performed a cover of Arrested Development’s “Tennessee” which was really good. And definitely had the essence of the song. The guitarist and drummer switched during the set, proving that both drummers were exceptionally talented on both instruments. They played a fairly long set and was just a great set that was very energetic.  

The last band up was Headlights from Champagne, IL. Headlights had very pop sounding songs backed up by a huge wall of sound. Very loud guitars and drums mixed with Erin’s great voice and keyboards. But Erin didn’t sing on every song so it was a good mix. A three piece band that worked very well. The band had the crowd dancing in no time, and singing along to all of their songs. I expect this band will be huge in no time at all.

 Great night. Finding a cab back to NYC proved to be a feat in itself. Found plenty of off-duty cabs. And finally flagged one down and luckily he was wiling to drive us back to the City.

Tonight – Birdmonster, The Horrors, The Thermals, Sam Champion and Ra Ra Riot! Cant wait. Will have a review up hopefully by end of the weekend along with plenty of other shows from Saturday.


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