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so much to say.. so much to say

Posted by xneverwherex on March 21, 2007

well unfortunately im hoping tomorrow before i leave for orlando, ill add the rest. so lately my schedule is out of control. i should count how many concerts ive seen in the new year. im rather afraid since i did 5 shows in a row last week. and for the 6th night, i even hit popscene! yeah! and found a cool new pub and made some cool new friends.

so the good news is …. tomorrow.. me.. sunshine. beaches. me mom.. and orlando.. mickey mouse.. disney world. epcot center…

yeah you get the idea. its about time i took a bloody vacation. so that is it for now must get a good nights sleep.

i will be updating at work, using my great work hours to comment on the bands ive seen. and when i return im uploading all my new pics! and there are about 567 give or take 🙂 LOL. yes ive been a busy girl.


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