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Art Brut, Ra Ra Riot

Posted by xneverwherex on May 3, 2007

A review that I had posted after this show:

If anyone has a chance to see Art Brut, I really recommend checking them out. I can’t comment on how many times I have seen them now, A LOT!, but last night’s show was really great.

Ra Ra Riot opened up the show and what a performance they gave. Very energetic, confident, catchy songs as always, and were genuinely having a great time. (i’ve now seen them enough times, to realize how much they have grown as a band, while playing live). art brut seemed to enjoy them too, as they were hanging out near the stage
listening to them and seemed impressed.

the next band – i swear it had to be a joke – was holy hail. i think that was their name, and they were awful. The bassist couldnt play bass, aside for maybe 3 chords. The lead singer couldnt really sing, and mostly did some pseudo-rap performance. I was waiting for her to
break out with a Blondie song, but it never happened. I just really wondered if this band were for real. My friends all agreed with me and we couldnt figure out how Ra Ra Riot was the first opener and this band was the second. Absolutely made no sense.

Art Brut finished off the night. Joked a lot about downloading their music for free off the internet, but told everyone to be sure to buy it when it came out šŸ™‚ Emily Kane has now changed so much over time, with all of his interjections becoming much more comical. I just wonder what he’ll end up discussing next time. Emily Kane is now married with 3 kids, as a sidenote, for those interested. šŸ™‚ The crowd was very into the band, lots of jumping, attempts at crowd- surfing, lots of beer everywhere and just in general a great time.
Their new stuff is as catchy as the first album. The encore was good fun ending with Good Weekend. Art Brut 76 (or 47) was at the show, and i know 47 is We Are Scientists, so it could have very well been them. But ya never know, with all the Art Brut bands floating around out there.

Based on Holy Hail, I should now go form my own art brut band. ‘we formed a band, we formed a band, look at us, we formed a band’. šŸ™‚

thats it from NYC for now.



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