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Posted by xneverwherex on May 3, 2007


As Maxi Jazz said “This is my Church!” to a crowded Webster Hall.

And its one statement thats very hard to disagree with, unless of course you’re in Toronto at the Gardens watching a Leafs game. That might be my church 🙂

I owe a HUGE HUGE thanks to my friend Scoosh in Scotland who basically told me I *had* to go see them 🙂 He even included video footage, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMLerqyrVas   of why I must see them. Follow up that with seeing the movie Glastonbury which is a must see. The concert footage in there is amazing.

by far, show of the year! and ive seen lots of shows already. My posting as a huge thanks sums up the night!

Scoosh – I FINALLY saw faithless and OH MY GOD! words cant describe that show. it was pure energy and you could feel it from the crowd. Hearing “God is a DJ” was worth the price of the ticket alone. Webster Hall was pure energy at that moment. The crowd (mostly english) was so into them and it was just bodies against another everyone jumping in unison. was pretty cool. i think so far that this was the best show i had been to in a long, long time. id say they even surpassed the basement jaxx who put on one hell of a show. off the top of my head “God is a DJ”, “Insomnia” “What About Love” and “I want more”. i have the setlist at home, but it was great!they sure know how to build up an audience, taking it almost slow at first building to some huge crescendo. like sex or something. the place erupted when “we become 1” was played. there was so much jumping, you could feel the vibrations on the floor and this floor bounces so it felt like at any moment you were going crashing down 3 floors.
all in all – the best show i could have possibly gone too.


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