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White Rabbits Top of the Pops…

Posted by xneverwherex on July 10, 2007


Well … if you don’t get the above reference, youre clearly not a fan of Art Brut. But thats ok, because you should be.

Last night was interesting. Went down to Highline Ballroom begrudingly to see White Rabbits. all my friends bailed at the last minute, and since ive seen art brut half a dozen times in 1 year, they werent high on my list. so i figured, white rabbits is really good and ive wanted to see them since cmj last year. so im walking down 16th and i walk by this guy, and realize its a friend of mine. so i asked him where he was going, and he said he bought a ticket, but thought it was will-call and left the hard ticket at home. so i offered to sell him mine for half price. then we remembered the show was not sold out, so he went and bought a ticket at the show. and the guys at highline told him to call ticketweb later to get a refund on the ticket he had already purchased. sweet deal. and its something good to remember. note: this is ticketweb (not tickets.com or ticketmaster).

anyway, he was telling me how brilliant white rabbits were and indeed they were. Im really into bands with lots of people. I think its always fun to watch them perform on stage. This band had at least 6 people if not more guys in the band. Great, catchy indie-pop music and the drummers were really good. i ended up picking up their album after the show. They really remind me of Mason Proper, but I think White Rabbit’s show is just a bit better 🙂

Art Brut was at the top of their game yet again. jasper is quite the character with facial expressions that cant help but make you burst out laughing. eddie is a trip himself. the crowd (mostly brits) were really into the show, and lots of dancing and even stage diving from eddie. for once i was glad i wasnt near the front. i forgot about his stage diving. they went through art brut staples, and ‘move to LA’ I always find hilarious. Eddie has to discuss which direction LA is and inevitablly its never the right direction. He mentioned in Brooklyn that everyone flipped him off, which didnt help. hahaha.

Good Weekend with a mix of Formed a band was the last song. Naturally at the encore the chants turned into ‘art brut top of the pops’. which led to that as the encore ‘white rabbits top of the pops… we are scientists top of the pops’, etc. emily kane is always a classic now, seeing what eddie interjects when the band stops playing. either way, their new material is as top notch as their last album.

i find people either love them or hate them. so if youre on the love side, its definitely not worth missing them. And if Art Brut is your thing, be sure to catch them on Conan. They are on his show the 11th 🙂 

 Ready Art Brut!


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