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Lollapalooza 2007 – Day 3 !!! (Chk Chk Chk)

Posted by xneverwherex on August 9, 2007

Sunday started out by looking a bit overcast. So it was really hard to guage the weather. Needless to say, I really chose the wrong clothes to wear. Black in the heat of the sun is never a good choice.

Started my morning under the trees at the BMI Stage yet again checking out local band (Springfield, IL) The Graduate. The lead singer has a bit of the Mark McGrath (of Sugar Ray) thing going on. Good looking, great voice and to me, had that cocky attitude. Not a bad thing. This music is guaranteed to be on Top 40 radio. Its pop friendly, easily listenable, but for me, easily disposable. Enjoyable for what it was.

From there headed into the hot hot sun and caught some of The Postmarks set. The lead singer has a great voice, but their music just wasn’t getting me energized. Her music was low-key and a bit slow-going, so I have a feeling its a band I must see in a club. On the stage behind I could hear Juliette Lewis (yes, the actress) from Juliette & The Licks going crazy, so I had to check it out. She was working the crowd into a frenzy, running back and forth on the stage in her skin tight clothes. The band was great that was backing her up. From what I saw of her set, I was very entertained and the crowd loved it.

Slowly meandered from Juliette Lewis to the big stage to catch The Cribs. I somehow managed to get right in front of the big opening, and was very surprised. Lollapalooza Day 3 - The Cribs I should mention that at this time the weather is oppressive.  The stage felt a bit too big for them, but they managed best they could. Definitely a band better fitted to be playing a club. Liked what I had heard, and can’t say I’m a huge fan of them, but really enjoyed their set. With the hot weather, I lasted about 30 mins before heading to an open spot in the grass, grabbing some water as it dripped everywhere. Closed my eyes, and The Cribs took me away.

As I got some much needed food, I listened to Dios in the background. I really wasnt familiar with their music, but for background music it was quite nice. Then it was time to see Rodrigo y Gabriela. 2 guitarists from Mexico who are nothing short of being amazing live. Gabriela’s fingers fly over the guitar, making it seem effortless. Add the two of them together and its near magic. As they went from their own songs to breaking out into Hendrix, Metallica, Pink Floyd, Zepp, etc. it was easy to see how talented they really were. It was great as they played “Wish You Were Here” as the crowd attempted to sing with them. Somewhere during the set, Rodrigo mentioned as they played their new song that we should feel free to get naked. Ah, what a moment it was. Be sure to check them out if you can appreciate some great guitar work.

After this headed over to see Scotland’s own – Los Campesinos! Lollapalooza Day 3 - Los Campesinos!
I had just started listening to their stuff and easily loved their catchy, indie-pop music. Great stuff to dance to, so it wasnt that surprising when 6 of them were on the stage and just wanted to dance and have a great time. It was great when by the end of the set the lead singer had jumped into the crowd and was dancing with them. The only real down-fall is that they were having awful sound issues. They didnt start on time plus had problems in the beginning. They did make mention of their neighbor Amy Winehouse who was playing at the stage nearby.

Found myself looking for shade and swung back to the BMI Stage to check out The Diffs. Really wasn’t into their loud, thrashy music and headed to check out Blue October. Was having too many issues with sound bleeding over from The Annuals so had to leave. From what I could hear of Blue October, I did like them and it was catchy music. Caught bits and pieces of Paolo Nutini and Apostle of Hustle.

As I met with friends and grabbed some food, Kings of Leon filled the background. Recognized some of their music, but can’t say I’m a fan of their described ‘Southern Rock’ sound. So instead, headed over to proceed to get very close for !!!. Nic Offer is definitely the epitome of fun. Ridiculous dance moves  to music that cant help but make you dance. He made his way back and forth across the stage, jumping into the crowd, which apparently pissed off security. In tight blue shorts a bright blue shirt with a mop of curly hair, he entertained the crowd. Lollapalooza Day 3 - !!! Shannon, who has quite the voice too, danced it up and also managed to pour a can of beer down her body before proceeding to rip off her top. Danced and danced till I felt like I was going to pass out. “Must be the Moon” sounded great!

Needless to say, by the time TV on the Radio came on stage, I was sure at any moment I’d pass out from exhaustion. My great spot on the rail soon got moved back. Albeit, a very short set, the crowd was jumping and singing along with the band. I managed to get further back and could properly enjoy their last song ‘Staring at the Sun’. What a way to end the set!

As I headed towards the next stage for the last show of the night – Pearl Jam would soon be heard. And it could be heard even far out from the park. Eddie Vedder’s most catchy song of the night was his ‘Dont go to BP/Amoco’. As always, he said some great things that should have sunk in and were a perfect way to end the festival. But yes, it is important that we save Lake Michigan. It’s more important that the oil companies quit spilling oil into our lakes. Enough said. The set consisted of a mostly greatest hits set and it was great. Daughter and Even Flow live were simply amazing! The area was packed and everyone was singing along and really rocking out.

So what a way it was to end the 3-day festival. I’m already thinking about next years, wondering how on earth anything can top it.

And as a side note: Pearl Jam’s concert was edited by AT&T cutting out his Anti-Bush statements. Please join Rock The Net – Musicians Support Network Neutrality. To read about the Pearl Jam show, click here.


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