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The Veils Return

Posted by xneverwherex on September 11, 2007


Another great night at the Bowery. It was funny – as I was there a little bit early, I was upstairs talking to the guys who work security. And they were saying how they felt that Webster Hall by far had the best sound system. And that Mercury was OK, but Bowery was so much better. Then the guy was telling me – that I better make sure to have some earplugs as the bass lines for The Picture would be VERY loud.

So – alas I was ready for The Picture to come on. They are a 5-piece band from Brooklyn. And apparently all of their fans came out for this show. They are also playing on Friday night at Midway. And if I weren’t already going to Interpol, I’d have definitely gone back to hear them again. The bass lines weren’t so loud, but in general they were louder than usual. The bassist was really great, but the guitarists themselves were really great. The lead singer has a great voice and their songs were very catchy. Its yet another indie rock band, but I think these guys have a bright future ahead of them.

Next up – The XYZ Affair. Now this is a name I see around all the time. I had never listened to them, or if I had I really didn’t remember hearing them. I was not blown away by them for a second. Very loud guitars that just didn’t seem to connect. It seemed everyone was playing their own part, but never coming together as a band. The lead singer was very energetic jumping all over the stage, but I didn’t feel it completely translated over to the audience.

Finally – The Veils came on to the stage. They started their US tour at The Mercury Lounge, so how fitting was it that it ended at the Bowery Ballroom. Finn (lead singer) reminds me of this delicate creature when he plays. He came out in his bowler hat like last time, and looked to be wearing the near same clothes. Tighter than tight jeans with white shiny shoes. Looks great as always. Thin as a rail – I imagine him playing in most cities with a cigarette hanging from his mouth. It was a great set with music that just grabs you. Finn wears all of his emotion on his face, and at times it looks like he’s going to break down, and then a smile spreads across his lips for just a second. The intense look of joy on his face, only makes it that much better.

This time I was standing between Finn and the bassist. She had a taped up shoe yet again, and seemed excited to be there. She was amazing on the bass, her fingers just flailing away. As great as she was on bass, it was clearly Finn that is the band. With so much intensity on his face, its hard to remember to look down and watch him play. But when you do, his fingers move with such incredible speed, its amazing to watch.

This time the band played quite a few new songs, and then Finn noted that last time they didn’t play their cover of Scritti Politti’s “Lion After Slumber” – so that was included. He also pointed out, that just for us he’d play some songs they even played at Mercury 🙂 So we were treated to quite the show. Their new songs are sounding as great as ever, and Finn’s vocals were in top quality.

The encore was a real treat with a wardrobe change from Finn. He came out in red, white and blue striped pants with stars no less on them. Apparently a purchase from a store in LA, in which I guess it was told to him the colors wouldn’t bleed upon washing them. He had his button down shirt unbuttoned showing off his quite nice chest. The encore was 2 songs with an ending that consisted of him looking at the drummer, smiling, and then running into the drumset with his guitar and drums flying everywhere. What an ending to their tour in the states!

If you ever have a chance to see them, it should be worth your while. Its not often that you see guys who wear their hearts on their sleeve (so to speak), with vulnerability written all over their face.


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