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Sunburns and hockey….

Posted by xneverwherex on May 12, 2009

Yes – Im almost positive these 2 things go together. If only because I am suffering from a sunburn and I just finished watching a hockey game.

First things first. After day 1 of running/walking, I thought I better keep it going. I figured day 2 would be a much shorter version and less strenuous. Ill admit my legs were a bit sore and oh the hamstrings. Lets not talk about them. So I started out running down 2 avenues and over to 54th. And then on and off till about 68th. Ill admit it was turning into more walking, but I figure best to start slow. So it was a gorgeous day, well mostly a windy day. And the sun was barely out. Obviously it was out more than I thought since little did I realize I got sunburned 😦 Nothing that aloe cant fix. Anyway, the walk through Riverside Park (or Im guessing thats what it is) was just gorgeous. Roads that wind up and down as the river path is currently under construction. Its just gorgeous along the river and there were so many people out. I did notice as I got towards the 80’s/90’s there werent as many people as around the 60’s. And so I kept walking and walking and next thing I knew – I was staring at a sign to say 106th street.

Yowzers! So naturally, I had to make my way back down. At this point I had one goal in mind. Dont stop for anything. Just get home ASAP. 7 miles later, a bit red and I did it! Who knows what will come of this exercise/walking/running thing but Im kinda hoping that maybe it will go somewhere.

I honestly wanted to walk home tonight, but it was so cold outside and I just couldnt. Today was probably a bit less than a mile, but at least I am still doing it and havent given up.

And lets talk some hockey! BLACKHAWKS BABY! CHICAGO! This is just awesome. My boys of Toews, Kane, Sharp, Khabibulin, Versteeg, etc. came through! Conference finals. Not since 1995 have they been there. Ive missed them here, since Ive lost faith in my Kings!

No concerts till Saturday. Im deprived.


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