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White Lies Has Unfinished Business

Posted by xneverwherex on May 24, 2011

White Lies
School of Seven Bells
Sun Airway
May 19, 2011
Terminal 5

White Lies, hailing from London, finally made it back to this side of the pond and couldnt have been more excited. I hadnt seen the band in a couple years and I wasnt sure how it would be in a big club. But the times are a-changing and more importantly so is lead singer Harry. Trading in his dark clothes and gold nikes – hes now donning a suit. I might have thought for an instant they were going down the Interpol lane, but that is definitely not the case. Harry was more talkative than I had ever seen him before. I think he spoke more in 5 minutes than he had in any other prior show. He was happy to back in New York, one of his favorite cities ever. He was glad that more people showed up than he had anticipated – he wanted us to sing along, clap along, make more noise. It didnt stop. And the smile was HUGE! I guess success has hit him big time.

The band has now added yet another band member to tour with. They were always noted as a 3-piece band, yet from the moment I saw them on their first trip to the States, there was always 4. At this point, they have added another guitarist/keyboardist/singer. The guy is quite talented and seems to be doing it all. Jack seemed farther back and I really missed all the interactions that used to go on between the band and him. But Jack was still as awesome as ever and still looking ever-so-cool. Charlie’s bass lines still sound as great as ever – and loving him singing backup on what felt like more songs.

The band opened up with ‘A Place To Hide’ and its a great opener. The bass lines are instantly recognizable and it had the crowd singing along in no time. The crowd was loving every minute of every song. Guys were going crazy – and I would have thought it was the second coming of Jesus err The Beatles. Everyone wanted to be up close and was pushing – which is expected of the girls – but was more surprising with the guys. They followed it up with ‘Holy Ghost’ off of the new album. And then they went back into the older songs with ‘To Lose My Life’ which everyone knew and had Harry happy that we were all singing along. Was pleasantly surprised that right after that ‘EST’ would still be played. One of my favorite songs.

This was an excellent show. The band sounded awesome but its hard to get used to this new happy version of White Lies. Their music and lyrics definitely feels like a much darker band – but apparently they might be going to a happier version of themselves.

New York’s own School of Seven Bells were nice to have around. It was interesting to see them as a 2-piece. I definitely missed having the other sister there who left the band in October due to personal reasons. It seems their music isnt quite as interesting as it was, but regardless they still sounded great. They still had the same dark sound and vocals that arent that easy to understand, but that doesnt matter. Its this beautiful sound and it makes you just want to close your eyes and enjoy it and feel it. There wasnt much interaction – but a band who zipped through a 30 minute set trying to play as much as they could.

Sun Airway – one of my favorite new bands – from Philadephia benefited from playing such a huge venue. The soaring vocals were perfect in Terminal 5. Their songs sounded even bigger and darker and the guitars were sounding even fuzzier. A perfect shoegaze band complete with images shown on a white curtain behind them. It felt like they could have just kept playing and playing, but soon their 30 minutes were up too.

Definitely a show not to have missed – I was just happy that I managed to win tix to it and was able to appreciate it, not just once, but twice!

White Lies Setlist:
A Place To Hide
Holy Ghost
To Lose My Life
Is Love
Price of Love
Farewell to the Fairground
Peace & Quiet
Bad Love

Unfinished Business
Power & Glory
Bigger Than Us

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NY, I Love You But Youre Bringing Me Down

Posted by xneverwherex on March 30, 2011

LCD Soundsystem
w/Liquid Liquid
Terminal 5

If youre calling it a day its best to go out at a) the top of your game and b) on your own terms. LCD Soundsystem is doing just that.

At first I was skeptical when I learned that there were new shows added prior to the farewell show this coming Saturday night (April 2). But of course, like so many others, I had to see what LCD Soundsystem would do at Terminal 5. And I have to say, if I didnt have a ticket on Saturday night, I would be ok (better than ok – just great). Their show at Terminal 5 was AWESOME!

I didnt read much about the prior nights show as I wanted some surprises, but I did know they opened with ‘Dance Yrself Clean’. And what a way to open. The following night they kept to somewhat of a similar setlist, but the changes they made were to my benefit.

‘Dance Yrself Clean’ is a brilliant way to start a set. I could almost see Kermit sitting on a rooftop singing and envisioned the rest of the Muppets on stage. Unfortunately, James Murphy doesnt quite resemble a green frog – but his vocals – oh yes! At the start of the set we get a lone James Murphy dressed in white & black, a spotlight just on him, and him singing. Then the band comes on stage along with a choir and other instruments. It was awesome! And it should be noted that everyone on the stage was in white (maybe some black)?

From the balcony I had a great view of the entire stage and the crowd. The audience was starting to dance and jump around and really getting into it. By the time the song picks up, everyone was dancing and moving. From there it was straight into ‘Drunk Girls’ and the dancing continued.

The setlist was mostly a blur and just lots of fun all around. It seemed the first set of the night just flew. Clocking in at 3 hours with 24 songs, plus a 2 song encore was unreal. The light show was amazing with laser lights for parts of it and a wall of LEDs. The disco ball was good fun as well. The second half, which was heavy on 45:33 and included Reggie Watts for a song, was the biggest drag. It just felt like an extended remix that just kept going and going. But it was also a good time to get a bit of a breather and people watch.

Thankfully part 3 was even more awesome than the beginning. After reading the setlist Im not sure thats possible. I mean seriously – at that point we even had ‘Daft Punk is Playing At My House’. I wasnt sure much could top it, but by the end I was wishing I was in shorts and a tanktop. It was a sweaty, fun, dancing mess of a time. Us vs Them was a great way to start it out and North American Scum! Also included ‘Tribulations’, ‘Yeah’ and ‘Losing My Edge’.

My only regret was ‘All My Friends’ was the last song of the first set. The lyrics alone would have been perfect to end the night with. And with friends like the drummer from TV on the Radio and Aziz Ansari (of Parks & Recreation) dancing and having a great time, I think you cant ask for much more.

James Murphy is truly a great frontman. It was great to see band members coming and going during the different songs. He made a point to announce some of them – their original guitarist. He thanked everyone profusely (us and the performers). Sang Happy Birthday to his sis during the encore and was just genuinely happy. Its hard to ask for more than that. Plus, he gave us 3 hours and a setlist that left me incredibly happy. And anyone who acknowledges the world we live in – the one where everyone wants to record every minute of a set – he told us ‘maybe just be here’.

So really, what can Saturday bring?

Liquid Liquid played a pretty short 30 minute opening set. They were pretty good and seemed to be playing some classic songs (Im not even sure if I knew they were their songs). They were fun and dance-y and you could definitely see the influences that they had on LCD SS.


Set 1
Dance Yrself Clean (with male choir)
Drunk Girls
I Can Change
Time to Get Away
Get Innocuous (with male choir)
Daft Punk Is Playing At My House
Too Much Love
All My Friends

Set 2
45:33 Part One
45:33 Part Two (with Reggie Watts)
Sound of Silver
45:33 Part Four
45:33 Part Five
45:33 Part Six

Set 3
Us Vs Them (with male choir)
Freak Out/Starry Eyes
North American Scum
You Wanted A Hit
Someone Great
Losing My Edge
Home (with male choir)

All I Want
New York I Love You, But You’re Bringing Me Down

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