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Go Baby Go Go – Garbage

Posted by xneverwherex on October 8, 2012

Screaming Females

Monday night women rocked the house. Shirley Manson and “the boys” brought along Marissa Paternoster and Co. (aka Screaming Females). What a fearsome two bands it turned out to be.

It had been over 10 years since I had last seen Garbage. Somehow I had forgotten what a show it would be. Shirley came out in a long black cape like top and some awesome heeled boots. She walked around in big circles taking over the stage. She was ferocious, commanding attention.


She started out the set with a charged up ‘Supervixen’ and then went straight to ‘I Think Im Paranoid’. It was an awesome start to the show and Shirley’s dance moves to Paranoid were spot on. The crowd was excited with lots of fists pumping in the air, lots of ridiculous bright red hair wigs and the like. About 30 mins into the set, Shirley stops by Butch Vig to change her shoes and put on way more comfy flats. She ran around, did even more funky dance moves – robot moves were just awesome – and was having a great time.

It was even a more special night for Shirley as the last time her mom saw Garbage perform live was at The Warfield. There were also a few more tributes for other people that had passed away and a really heartfelt one to Christopher, whose daughters were at the show. It was definitely moving and she played ‘Special’ for them, which had never sounded better. You could see that it meant a lot to her and and the band.

The band played a solid 2 hour set that just flew by. I had forgotten how many hit songs they had. #1 Crush, Only Happy When it Rains, Queer, Stupid Girl, etc. Eric Avery (Of Janes Addiction), who looks to be having a great time on tour with the band, veoted Shirley’s idea of a crowd picking the song. It was a competition of a ‘favorite’ or a ‘new’ song. Shirley went on about how some like risks and it was quite cute till Eric decided theyd play the new song. It worked out well, I think most appreciated hearing a new song. Shirley also mentioned a story about how one of the songs was about losing her virginity, but it was always assumed to be about something else. For what its worth, it wasnt good.

Screaming Females

As mentioned earlier, Screaming Females of Trenton, NJ opened the set. Many people had never heard of them and didn’t know what to expect. Marissa, in a dark dress, played the hell out of her guitar. The songs were tight, fast and short reminiscent of Nirvana. Grunge has never sounded better. The band, as always, had few words to say and made the most out of their 30 minute set. And from where I was standing, she definitely impressed a few of the guys with her amazing guitar-playing skills. She thanked Shirley and Garbage a lot and you could tell she was genuinely happy to be opening for them.

This was definitely one of the best shows of the year.

Set list:
Time Will Destroy Everything
1. Supervixen
2. I Think I’m Paranoid
3. Shut Your Mouth
4. Why Do You Love Me
5. Queer
6. Stupid Girl
7. Hammering in My Head
8. Control
9. #1 Crush
10. Cherry Lips (Go Baby Go!)
11. Blood For Poppies
12. Special
13. Milk
14. Battle In Me
15. Push It
16. Only Happy When It Rains
17. Vow
18. Bad Boyfriend
19. The One
20. You Look So Fine


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Arm Wrestling with Yo La Tengo

Posted by xneverwherex on May 4, 2012

Yo La Tengo
Mystic Theatre
Petaluma, CA

May 2, 2012

It was quite a show for the threesome from Hoboken, NJ. It was their first time playing at the Mystic and their first time in Petaluma. I am sure after the show they had learned a lot more than they would have ever expected.

The show started soon after 8pm and Ira announced that they would be having a q and a. He explained it that we could ask questions between songs and he’d answer them (well the band). Sure enough there were questions galore that covered most topics. It’d be hard to recap most the questions but some that stood out were – what were the band members first album purchased. James talked about his first album bought with his own money at 9 years old being Deep Purple. Because of course, at 9 years old, that is the first album _every_ kid should buy. Georgia, who was seemingly beyond quiet, didn’t want to answer?! Thankfully, Ira coaxed her into telling us the first albums she could remember listening to which were the Monkees. Ira’s was Let’s Spend the Night Together. Ah the Rolling Stones. Hard to go wrong.

Yo La Tengo

Of course, it meant that there would be a Monkees song or 2. There were quite a few covers with ‘Im A Believer’ and ‘Gonna Buy Me A Dog’ from the Monkees. A Velvet Underground song ‘She’s my Best Friend’ also was played. The covers they played were really well done.

They were asked about SFMOMA (pronounced svmoma (one word)) which led to the band pronouncing almost every word bizarrely. Someone asked Georgia about the drums on ‘Saturday’ (then it was played). They talked about working in parking lots and all the music that they consumed (Robyn Hitchcock and Grand Funk Railroad). Oh and yes, is it torture to play a baby Grand Funk Railroad and some sorta bizarreness.

While I really wasn’t familiar with most of their songs – the encore ‘Sugarcube’ was really well done. All 3 of them have really strong vocals. Sexbeat we learned was the first cover song the band (although it was just Ira and Georgia at the time) to have played live, at a friends party.

They played a song from the Hal Hartley film Amateur. It turns out that their name was misspelled in the film itself. Doh! There was a cover of Neil Young’s ‘From the Turnstyles’. ‘Big Day Coming’ was really great and the lyrics stuck in my mind.

As the night came to an end we were rewarded with the best question/statement ever. Apparently, Petaluma is the arm wrestling capitol of the world. The band quipped they thought it would be most known for its chickens. I dont recall seeing a lot, but it is more farmland I suppose. As they returned from the encore, sure enough, Georgia and Ira had an arm wrestling competition. Quite naturally, Georgia won! 🙂

Its really hard to top a night that ends with that. While I cant say I was very familiar with Yo La Tengo’s work, I was happily surprised with the entire night. It was fun and quirky and a bit odd, just like the band seemed to be.

Oh and yes, there was mention of Snooki and the gang being denied from filming in Hoboken. The band clearly was enjoying themselves as much as the crowd. Would highly recommend checking them out for anyone that has the slightest interest.

Randomness of what was played written in my phone:

SF Moma movie song
Sexbeat – first cover
Song from dump? – its smaller than you are
Going Home
There’s a big day coming, I can hardly wait
All the turnstyles
Amateur – Hal Hartley film
The Monkees ‘Im A Believer’
Im Gonna Buy Me a Dog
Velvet Underground ‘Shes my Best Friend’
Im On My Way
On The Course of Change, try to more aware
Whatever you want from me, tore me down – encore

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The Decline of British Sea Power

Posted by xneverwherex on October 17, 2007


Without igniting a war amongst all my friends – I will just start with saying that I think something was missing that night. Most of my friends kept asking me about foliage and honestly, I may be the last person on earth who had never seen British Sea Power until Monday night. Perhaps I was seeing the Decline of British Sea Power. (Oh such a bad pun!).

So lets just get on with it and tell it like it is. First off the sound at Maxwell’s (which is not the bands fault) was piss-poor. And that is being generous. It was so loud that even with ear plugs in – by the end of the night my ears were still ringing. This also contributed to the fact that Yan’s vocals were probably just not as crisp as they could have been. But the major problem I have with BSP is the fact that the band (Noble – who could barely look into the crowd – except while taking a swig of beer, Hamilton – who I think sounds incredible on vocals and Wood on drums – sporting a one-piece jumpsuit and working it!) seemed so disengaged. Perhaps this is why people like them, but I had been hearing about these crazy shows – guys having foliage in their hair, on the stage. Instead I got a group of dapper guys who uttered few words to the crowd, and while playing barely seemed to notice us in front of them. Playing their hearts out – I think not!

To their credit – I do realize this was the first night of their tour and they werent even using their own instruments. I do wish I was seeing them again because I really believe their music and live shows are probably that great.

Here is why you should see them: Carrion (one of their singles) sounds incredible live and is easy to really get into; Spirit of St. Louis also sounded especially good and was very catchy. The 2nd half of their set is the emphasis on why people should see them (from Carrion to the end – see set list below). I feel if they had put that much energy into the entire set – I’d have been easily pleased even with ringing ears. It was also nice not having the encore which everyone seems to expect these days. Is this normal for Yan and company? I have no clue – but I could do without encores.

Here is the setlist from Monday night:

Remember Me (I LOVED this song)
Down on the Ground
Spirit of St. Louis
Wooden Horse
Fear of Drowning
Larsen B
Leaving Here
Lights Out F.D.S.
Jet Lag Jimmy Jam

And where to begin with the opener – Stardeath and White Dwarfs. The lead singer comes out in a costume of sorts – that is a green bodysuit/jumpsuit, open at the top with a star shirt on underneath. Barefoot naturally. The other guys look ‘normal’. I am guessing he is Stardeath. Their music – best described as experimental – a mixture of vocals over *very* loud sounds from knobs turning (yes there’s a name for the instrument – and I was told Octopus Project made better use of it). Experimental is one of those things where either people get it or dont. I am not sure I entirely get it but I have seen bands that do it better is what it comes down to. The vocals were weak at best and the lead singer just didnt have that great of a singing voice. Their light show (at least at Maxwells) is definitely hard if you’re too close. I could barely look at the stage because I had all these lights going on and off and felt blinded for half the night. Perhaps I was already deaf before BSP came on the stage.

One interesting thing of note is that Dennis Coyne is related to one Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips. Perhaps I am entirely wrong on this band and they will become the next Flaming Lips. How about you decide?

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