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Mates Play Well Together

Posted by xneverwherex on October 18, 2011

Mates of State

Mates of State
Other Lives

Husband and wife duo – Kori Gardner and Jason Hammel – Mates of State played a really great, fun set on Wed night. In town for their new album Mountaintops, the band played a good chunk of the new material. Theyve also added an additional 2 members to their live set. The guy on the right – drenched in sweat by the end of the night – played his heart out, and worked the stage and delivered on all the instruments.

It was a great addition to the band giving them an even fuller sound. Kori was surrounded by plants/shrubbery which obscured her for those of us in the front. You could make out her blonde hair bouncing around as she jumped and clapped to songs. At one point, the audience wanted to see her and she happily obliged. From much further back, the sound was much better and of course, you had an entire view of the band.

The encore included their more popular ‘My Only Offer’, thank you Gossip Girl, and had the crowd singing and dancing along. Their fans are a great balance between younger and older and everyone seems to just love and adore everything they do.  The band also made a point during each of the openers to come out and bring them glasses of tequila. They seemed to really enjoy the openers on tour with them and it was great to see everyone liking each other.

Other Lives, from Stillwater, OK, were a great opener. With a unique sound of folk-indie music, the band nearly outshined the headliners. The band has a great sound with the band members each playing different instruments on the songs. It was great to see the upright bass and violin make appearances on some of the songs. The lush melodies created were just beautiful and filled up the space of Webster Hall. And while there isnt much crowd interaction, the band brings you right in.

It was great to see a lot of people just come out to see them. They have been acquiring quite the fan-base so it was no surprise when people weren’t familiar with Mates of State, but were only there to see Other Lives. Many it seemed, took off soon after MoS took the stage with a pretty different sound and definitely more poppy.

And Yawn – oh why did you come up with such a poorly named band. Sadly, they actually lived up to their band name. They were pretty forgettable and for an opener it actually was close to putting me to sleep. Perhaps its irony at its finest and the band is doing what they set out to do.


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Daft Punk Is Playing…

Posted by xneverwherex on March 30, 2011

After that last post – it made me want to remember some of the greatest moments Ive had with LCD Soundsystem. Its hard to pick a greatest show (of any band), and the greatest memories can be harder. But without a doubt here are some of the best.

Chicago – Lollapalooza – August 2007
Indeed – Daft Punk was playing at my house. If my house is Grant Park and Im living in Chicago. For those couple of hours life was unreal. LCD Soundsystem played one hell of a set with staples like ‘All My Friends’ but at the moment that they played ‘Daft Punk…’ it was nearly surreal. My friend and I were jumping around like no tomorrow. Moments later Daft Punk was playing on the stage next to them and that was a dance party like I had never seen before. Will anything ever be that great in my concert-going history. As far as a duo – unless Daft Punk shows up on Saturday night – Im not sure anything will surpass that moment. Even still – a festival in Chicago – a gorgeous night – two awesome bands playing back-to-back. Unforgettable.

Baltimore – Virgin Freefest – Sept 2010
Going to a festival that is free is awesome regardless. LCD Soundsystem headlining that same festival is even more awesome. It was a packed house that night, but somehow friends and I made it to the front of the stage. It was a dance party up there and ‘Yeah’ was a highlight. Everyone was friends for an hour or so dancing along and singing along. It was great! The band had seemed so happy to be playing that night. It was hard to imagine not long after theyd announce that they were calling it quits.

Webster Hall w/Yacht – May 2007
If I recall dates correctly, this was my first time finally having the chance to see them. I remember showing up with a group of friends and being close enough to the stage. While I dont remember most of the set itself, I do remember it being a dance party. Everyone was dancing up a storm and it was prior to Webster Hall renovating. The floor moved and it felt like it would crash at any moment. It was so enjoyable and the band was so fun. It really didnt matter what they played.

It turns out it was also the guitarists last night playing with the band. Interestingly enough – I can say I saw that twice. One with the band before he left – and the last time the band ever will play together (until the reunion shows start out).

This setlist was quite good as well:
US v Them, Draft Punk, Time To Get Away, NA Scum, All My Friends, Get Innocuous, Tribulations, What The Tapes, Movement, Yeah…Someone Great, NY I Love You

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YOU LOVE US! – The Manic Street Preachers

Posted by xneverwherex on October 11, 2009

10/7/09 – The Manic Street Preachers/Bear Hands – Webster Hall

Its only been 10 years since the lovely Welsh boys were last here. I was lucky enough to have been able to see I did see them 10 years ago at Bimbo’s in San Francisco. But sadly, I couldnt remember much of the show – aside from remembering that they never play encores.

I got there early as I knew I had to be on the far right side of the stage. Thats where one Nicky Wire would be. And Nicky Wire is awesome to watch. Unfortunately, due to many people pushing and shoving there was no way in hell Id be anywhere close to him, so I went to the left side of the stage. And with their set up as it was, it felt like I was a mile away from the band.

Thankfully James Dean Bradfield likes to work the stage and was all over the place. Hes like a kid with bundled up energy, jumping all over the place and just really getting into the show. Nicky Wire has impressive scissor kicks and can jump insanely high. The lovely glittering eyeshadow that he was wearing was so fitting.

Their new album was from lyrics written by Richey Edwards. Their new songs sound quite great and Edwards always could come up with the most beautiful lyrics. Id love to believe that hes off in his own world living the perfect beautiful life. I figure one day Ill see him in South America.

They had a great choice in songs and opened with Motorcycle  Emptiness. Perfect song to get things going to. Their set had music from all of their albums and the 3some looked as great always (including 2 other people who were on tour with them – a guitarist from Boy Kill Boy?? or Big Country? Im so not sure). It would have been awesome if they had a female vocalist on Little Baby Nothing and Your Love Alone is Not Enough. I so hoped that Nina Persson just might show up. (sadly, she did not).

They promised they’d be back in 2 years and I hope thats not the case. Biggest weakness was the vocals seemed too low. And Id have loved to have had Nicky Wire come close at least a few times.

And Im quite sure They do love us!

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Fischerspooner and running

Posted by xneverwherex on May 9, 2009

Seriously – the two have nothing to do with each other. But I read a blog this morning – about a guy whose mother died when he was 18 from cancer – and how hes running for a cure. And I thought to myself – I should really run (for myself, not for any cure just yet). Actually, must go back a step – I will start out with walking leading up to a run.

For anyone who knows my bout with running last year – it ended up with me seeing a doctor who specializes in problems that arise from running and other sports. It also turned out he was one of the team doctors for the New York Islanders. I couldnt even make up stuff like this. And there were pics of all these Isles players on his wall – and also Nets (he was the current team doctor for the NJ Nets). 

5/8/09 @ Webster Hall w/Drop the Lime and No Bra

So now – lets jump to real good stuff. Last night was the show of shows. It ended with Spooner saying something to the fact of “You will never witness a live show like this. It is the show upon shows”. Words cannot do justice to what I witnessed. So until the pictures are posted, imagination is a necessity. 

It starts out with a bunch of silvery walls placed on the stage. You could easily tell mirrors were on the flip-side. And there were silvery costumes everywhere – tutus, etc. And the DJ set is on the left hand side of the stage – with 2 guys (one being Fischer) getting the music going – and its pumping, the beats throbbing through your body, that its impossible to not start moving to the music. And then Spooner comes out – with this glorious pseudo space time warped hat on that seems to have its own halo. Who knows who created it, but its out there – its spacey, its bizarre. And thus begins this show.

And then the dancers come out – in costumes that have so much silver and black and what happens is just bizarre. The dancing is something else – the way their bodies move and undulate on the stage, their legs moving around in all sorts of shapes – its unreal. 

Amidst the dancing, the use of mirrors and Spooner singing and talking to us about fireside chats, there is a concert in there. And the concert is fabulous – its an art lovers orgasm as it combines something for all the senses. Great fashion, the minimalist sets, aural beats and the crowd moving together dancing as one. Its a mind-fuck to say the least. 

Maybe Erasure and the Pet Shop Boys started it in the 80s, but electro-clash/art-rock certainly is not the same with Fischerspooner on the scene. Its worth checking them out, if only because I guarantee you will _never_ see anything like this in your life. As Spooner said ‘Guess who is here tonight?? … Tom Cruise’. Amongst all the gay boys in the crowd, that would have been something else.

Oh – and “Cloud” performed live – with no use of dancers and just Spooner singing it – simply f’ing gorgeous. He looked like this amazing shimmery goldish thing from an outer-world place.

Now this is one concert worth talking about. If you missed it, be sure it never happens again. Words cannot do justice.

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Dancing With Hot Hot Heat

Posted by xneverwherex on October 17, 2007


I don’t think its possible to see a Hot Hot Heat show without dancing. And this show was no different than any other show. Steve and company put on a great show that had everyone bouncing and jumping and dancing. He even made the comment that he could feel the stage shaking. And that is exactly how it felt on the dance floor – a stage that might eventually collapse to the other floor. Its kinda like an earthquake – and definitely not a feeling that you can get comfortable with.

Their set comprised of a good mix of songs off of all their albums. The unique thing about their set was above the stage were lightbulbs hanging all over the stage area. As the band would play the different lights would flicker on and off and throughout different songs Steve would lightly tap them and send them flying through the air. Steve also has amazing stage presence, as he’d work the room, bending down in front of people as if he were singing to them. He used the stage to his advantage – and it worked!

Crowd pleasers definitely included the likes of ‘Bandages’ (so messed that up when I wrote Damages – not sure where my brain was) and ‘Goodnight, Goodnight’.  As always the band did not disappoint.

The openers for the set included Nashville’s De Novo Dahl. I had heard such great things about them, but wasnt blown away by them. The lead singer had a unique voice and they had a little bit of a country-ish twang to them. Not necessarily a bad thing, but their music wasnt quite as dancy as I had been told.

The other band was another band from Canada – Bedouin Soundclash. They had a unique sound and it was a mix of indie rock mixed with reggae beats to it. It seemed to work well – and their music was good – but nothing memorable, unfortunately.

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