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A night out with the Aussies…

Posted by xneverwherex on October 19, 2006


Headed down to the Mercury Lounge. Wasnt sure about catching Mess Hall, as I wasn’t all that impressed with their music that I heard off of myspace. As I opened the doors to the Mercury to where the band was playing, a rush of loud guitars came right out at me. Having been dealing with major ear problems, this was not so cool. But I quickly slipped in some earplugs, and was fine. It was pretty crowded, but the crowd seemed pretty subdued. Everyone was standing towards the back, while the front was empty with a bunch of people taking photos. There were a few Aussies rocking out. Mess Hall consists of two guys: guitarist and drummer. A true rock band, and in fine form the front were all rocking out to their music. It sure grew on you after awhile. And they were cute guys. The drummer, who should be called fathead, reminded me of fathead from the dandy warhols, with a huge head of hair. I thought that they would have played off of each other a bit more, as at times it seemed like they were two separate entities playing on stage together.

Next up — You Am I. I must admit, I mostly saw this for my Australian friends who said I had to see them. I had only heard their earlier stuff, (Thanks Matt) and had always enjoyed it. And when I refer to earlier stuff, I mean we’re talking close to 96 if not earlier. I met a really nice guy at the show, who came up to me and started talking about seeing the band. Full of excitement. I then met the girl who was standing next to me (I’m sure they all knew each other), and she was beyond excited, telling me how a roommate of hers (Australian, naturally) had gotten her into the band. The last time they had toured the states was 2002. Tim Rogers reminds me of a mod boy from the 60’s. Him and the guitarist looked styling with their skinny ties on. Tim is amazing live. Very charismatic, chatted up the crowd, made some snide comments, and was just fun to watch. The music speaks for itself. The show seemed like it was all of 30 mins. but I’m sure it ranged between 1 1/2 – 2 hrs.  At times they reminded me spot-on the replacements. Davey Lane was right in front of me, and besides being adorable to stare at, he has a great voice and is one hell of a guitar player. The whole band seemed thrilled to be back in the states. It’s too bad they never gained more popularity here. With the outbreak of Wolfmother, you’d think surely You Am I, should be able to break the states. Alas, its my good fortune, because it means I can still see them at small clubs like the mercury. All in all, brilliant show. Most of their stuff was played from the new album: Convicts. Some of the songs include: Thank God I’ve Hit Bottom, It Ain’t Funny That We Don’t Talk Anymore, Thuggury, Secrets?, Gunslingers, Constance George, and I’m a mess. I know i have missed a whole bunch of other songs, so if anyone was at the show – feel free to leave a comment.

Pics should be posted soon.

Off to see Spinto Band, Art Brut and Annuals tonight!


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