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I’m Considering a Move to LA…

Posted by xneverwherex on October 20, 2006

Ok friends, lets not get too excited! I’m really not considering a move to LA, see below for reference. Although, right about now that Cali weather is sounding quite nice! So here’s a bit about last night’s show.

Art Brut/Spinto Band/Annuals – Irving Plaza – 10/19/06

heres my take: annuals – so badly wanted to like them, but just couldnt get into them. they didnt excite me, their music didnt blow me away, a bit disappointing.

spinto band – ive officially seen them tooooooooo many times. they were good, but nothing great. they seem almost gimmicky at this point. the first few times it was fun, now im bored. the act doesnt change, and they need new stuff. ive seen them since they first released an EP, and werent on a label. they finally released a cd, and ive still been seeing them. time for new stuff before i make another venture.  For those that have never seen them, they are worth seeing, don’t get me wrong.

art brut – eddie is fun! but this being my third time in a few months, has become too much. like spinto band, its the same stuff. the first time was by far the best. its worn off a bit, and their new songs as eddie mentioned are no longer new if youve seen them in concert. so its all the same stuff. he jumped into the crowd during ‘move to LA’, or maybe that was ‘modern art’. either way its always amusing watching eddie figure out what direction LA is. too bad he was pointing south, and would have gone to Florida, but that song is ridiculously catchy. ‘im considering a move to LA, he’s considering a move to LA’. as i only saw some of the songs, i did hear ‘bang bang rock & roll’, which I somehow blanked out and ‘Formed a Band’. Art Brut will always be entertaining, and any band that refers to themselves in third person is quite cool in my book. Besides Eddie in ratty old socks (and he has BIG feet), never wearing shoes is always a cool site. And he was waving to us in the front row before the show started. Awwww, what a guy! Jasper – excellent as always. He seems like such a cool person, clearly having a great time. And he’s ace on guitar. I felt Eddie’s vocals weren’t as loud as they should have been and often times were drowned out by the guitars. Not necessarily a bad thing when he does say ‘and this is my singing voice’. 🙂


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