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Posted by xneverwherex on November 8, 2006

11/7/06 – Placebo and She Wants Revenge – Nokia Theater

Election Day in the City! First off, am I ever glad that the country got its ass on the right page and managed to get the democrats control of the house. lets see if we can get that senate control of the house. I’d like to think my former state of Virginia really did elect Webb. I was so hoping to be able to vote in the Virginia election, because unfortunately they need my vote a lot more than New York.

On to the music now friends.

Arrived at Nokia Theater. I’d like to start out by saying what a gorgeous venue this is. You go down an escalator and the rooms are spread out and huge. To the right is merch and a large bar. As you circle around to the left, theres lots more of coat check doors, a place to buy food (not too expensive, sandwiches, drinks, etc). and lots of display cases of Nokia phones. In general its just a really nice venue. The theater inside has seating all in the back part of the room, the front is a big stage with lots of open spaces, and 2 side areas for handicapped.

She Wants Revenge was the first band. Much like the first time I saw them, it was a similar set. Lots of dancing on stage. The music sounded great and the band was clearly enjoying themselves. Their singles definitely had the crowd dancing and singing along. With the finishing lyrics of “I want to fucking tear you apart”, as a great way to end their set.

Next up – Placebo. This was my first time seeing Placebo so I was beyond excited. Brian Molko is adorable and is an excellent guitar player. They immediately started out by playing some of the singles off of the new album. It was a great way to start the set. And then played other stuff from the album, as well as prior stuff. While they werent that close to the crowd, they made an effort to work the stage and jump down towards where the crowd was, which of course everyone loved.  Stefan Olsdal is an amazing bass player and he was so energized. Brian’s voice is hauntingly beautiful on stage and he really sang his heart out. Their cover of Kate Bush’s “Running up that hill” is amazingly good. I am not sure what is up with all the Kate Bush covers, but it must be the time.

My only disappointment was no “pure morning”. I have always loved that song, and figured as one of their biggest songs in the states, it would get played. Oh well. Another time. Placebo is definitely a band worth seeing once. Brian’s voice is so amazing that just to sit there and listen to him sing is definitely a treat.


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