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Posted by xneverwherex on November 10, 2006


Johnette Napolitano – Joe’s Pub

Ventured on down to the East Village to finally go to Joe’s Pub. (Great suggestion Luke). Great little place, that is a very intimate place to see bands. Lots of small tables, barely big enough to keep your plates on. Good food and cake that is to die for.

Johnette – her name needs no introduction. How many Johnettes can one name. For me, theres only been one. Napolitano. The former lead singer of Concrete Blonde, with a voice that can hit amazing notes. Remember that overly popular song ‘Joey’, she sings it even better live. Playing acoustic, and living in the deserts of California (Joshua Tree), she is now creating art in addition to her music. I was lucky to see her play, as there weren’t a whole lot of shows. Johnette seemed excited, and there was lots to be excited about. New York had amazing weather – high 60’s -, the democrats (senate & house) are now in office, and an audience that adores her. What more can she want.

 At times, I imagined this might have been what it would have been like to see Janis Joplin play some small club. She came out talking about what a great time and great changes would be seen. She talked and talked about all the different things going on. From the outbreak of AIDS, to seeing friends die, and she had a story for most songs. Her voice has amazing range, and she is a great guitar player. Her Nick Cave cover (dueted with a guy in the audience) was quite beautiful. “New Orleans ain’t been the same since youve been gone” sounded incredible live, and her story accompanied with the song is quite haunting as well. She played for an hour, before she took off, coming back for an encore. The audience truely couldnt get enough of her. She was so grateful for everyone, it was great to see. She played music from Concrete Blonde, solo work and covers. It was a great combo. and showed just how much talent she still has. Oh, and of course, you can see her artwork on her website 🙂


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