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I met him in a crowded room

Posted by xneverwherex on January 20, 2007

I met him in a crowded room
Where people go to drink away their gloom
He sat me down and so began
The story of a charmless man

Charmless Man – Blur

I’m sorry for those who come by to realize how lazy I’ve been. Lots of shows on the horizon, and surprisingly (or not really) I’ve seen lots of shows. I have also just started my own meetup group. Indie/Britpop Fans United Oh yeah! It should be cool once its really up and running. I have had one event and sadly only one person RSVP’ed yes, oh wait. 2 I take that back. And one showed up. 50% not bad.

So Thursday night was Popscene. And for those who dont know me well enough, I used to go to Popscene in SF quite a bit. I used to love that place (well still do) and met some great friends. And funny how in SF we used to ALWAYS see each other at the same concerts. Lots of good fun. So now Jeremy has opened Popscene in NYC at Club Midway – 25 Ave B – yes this is more promotion. The music was awesome, and he played the Dandy Warhols for me. I so love you Jeremy. Any way, met a really cool guy here and although it really wasnt a crowded room, I so wish he’d just say something to me again. The story is much longer I assure you, but nothing that Id like to share with the entire public. Or wait, isnt that the point of this. Well maybe one day.

So alas, its me here on a Saturday afternoon. Well I should be getting ready to head into queens for another meetup group, but feeling _very_ tired and I think I’m headed out to Tonic tonight. DJ Anton (im wondering if thatd be one anton newcombe? of BJM, naturally) will be spinning disco/psychedilia stuff. Its free too!

Anyway I saw the amazing bubbles show last night. WTF you are saying. I kid you not. Its over on 50th at the new world stages. i love the theater because a) its close to me and b) the art work (read photography) is amazing. lots of warhol shots and other famous people, and c) most importantly the theater is in great condition. I assure you this show is worth about all of $4. Fan Yang? I think that was his name really blows bubbbles and lots and lots bubbles for kids throughout the show. Trust me, there were a lot of adults. I think I should have dranken some black vodka from the evil dead show. i couldnt stop laughing, and i assure you i wasnt drunk. oh the silliness of it all. it was cute, and the end reminded me of slava’s snowshow, but just so not worht the money. better than the stuff ive been seeing lately over on 42nd street. there has been some downright bad stuff. time to save my $3 and find something good to see.

oh can i say the color purple – $3 – oh yeah! for those interested in learning how you too could be getting $3 tix for some of the worst and best off b’way and on b’way shows, drop me a line. ok i must run to the post office. im getting some new music! oh yeah! am i too californian in new york. me thinks so, and trust me, its not a bad thing!

in the meantime, my best friend from Cali had called and left me a voicemail that had the line ‘you remind me of Lily Allen.’ I think I’ll take that as a compliment πŸ™‚

and i will say – he wasn’t a charmless man –


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