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Toxic Audio

Posted by xneverwherex on January 22, 2007

So this weekend ended up being pretty chill for me. I didn’t get out to do much, but it was nice indeed. It has been SOOOOOOOOOO cold in New York. And no, I’m not just saying that. I reckon 28 degrees to lower, with ice and some snow would mean cold.

 So last night, my friend Annetta and I headed over to the New World Stages, home of the aforementioned Bubbles Show, to see Toxic Audio. Now I hadnt heard of them before, but it sounded entertaining. And like I say, its only $4. I mean the worst thing is, I walk out of there thinking what a waste of 4$. But, Netta had seen the show before and assured me I’d love it. So I took her word and went out on a cold Sunday night. Luckily for me its just a block and half (long blocks) to walk up there. So if I move to the East Village, well it will suck that I wont be walking to all of my shows.

So here’s what you should know. I would give this show easily 5 stars. There are 5 performers in Toxic Audio, 2 women and 3 men. They perform all their music in a capella, and for those that aren’t entirely familiar, its literally all vocals that are used to make all of the sounds that are heard. There are NO instruments. And it is amazing what these people can do with their voice. It started out with Til Tuesdays “Voices Carry” and what a great way to show off the talent of each of the performers. Rene, the bass, tackles the low notes so pitch perfect. Paul, who is extremely talented, is the human beat box and does a kick-ass Michael Jackson performance :). The whole cast is incredibly talented.

Some of the highlights of the nights include – singing to an audience member on stage in the Love Songs part. 3 chairs and a record player. Naturally the record player skips, sounds like the chipmunk, gets louder/softer and Paul performs each part like you were really listening to a record player. Unbelieveable. 

Without divulging the entire show, I strongly suggest people get out there and see this. Its very entertaining and will leave you blown away. For more go to  Toxic Audio


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