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So, Im slow…

Posted by xneverwherex on February 8, 2007

So, I’ve been more than a bit slack on this. Thanks Luke for reminding me. I assure you very soon pics will be posted from this show. So the new year has been off like a bang. I didnt post a write up on Ra Ra Riot, who with time are really making their songs sound perfect and still closing the show with Kate Bush’s “Hounds Of Love”. My only complaint, we all know (or should know) they are going to play it, so please for the love of god, stop yelling it out. Annoys me to no end. I suppose it could be some people’s first time seeing them, still no excuse. Man, I’m getting mean with old age (no comments needed please).

Also at that show was Vampire Weekend, who is friends with one of my closest friend’s kid brother. Kinda cool, looking over and thinking ‘uhh I know that guy’. And turned out indeed I did. Vampire Weekend is entertaining and I’m not sure I thought that musically they were that great, but when the crowd loves them, its hard to not catch on to them. Born Ruffians, from Toronto, were a tight band. The three guys rocked, and the lead singer who couldnt have been a day over 18 (pushing it at that) had quite the voice. The bassist, incredible! As far as talent, these guys have got it. And the last band, lets just say very forgettable. I wont name names, mostly because I already forgot, but how the hell they were headlining the show, Ill never know. The crowd really came out for Vampire Weekend and Ra Ra Riot, and it really showed. This unnamed band, reminded me of a really BAD version of The Presets, but can I say REALLY bad!

Oh I have also seen The Color Purple again. This time there was a Q&A with a 9 News anchorwoman after the show. It was really interesting to see the actors outside of the roles they played. Some I just couldn’t believe were the same person. And I really learned a thing or two about the way the theater works. Especially with the stand-ins, and all these other great terms I have already forgotten. For those interested, for the month of February each Tuesday night performance, will have this at the end of it. I really encourage everyone to stay around for it.

In that time I have also seen The Affair, Les Sans Culottes (a faux French band from Brooklyn, that sings entirely in French), pure entertainment! And their music is beyond that catchy French music. Their cover of “These Boots are Made for Walking” in French is great. The best part about it, none of them are French, and none of them speak French fluently. What next, eh? 

Spent a night or two at cakeshop and saw a friend’s band play there. I should really plug this band, because I really liked them, but for the life of me I am drawing a blank. There are probably other things that I am missing, I havent even gone into the movies I have seen, and other shows, but alas, Ill try and get my arse in gear.

 Next post… Nights in White Satin.. curious, I’ll betcha!


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