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Nights in White Satin

Posted by xneverwherex on February 8, 2007


Its cold at night, and I don’t want to go out. Yes, I know Midnight Movies is playing, its also sold-out. Its also utterly freezing. But I did get my lazy arse up and headed out to Lit Lounge to meet up with a friend and grab a drink. After the drink headed over to the Mercury to a packed house. Luckily for me (and Luke), it wasnt too bad when we got there. And besides, I got to talk to one of the drummers and one of the guys in the band. All very friendly.

So Midnight Movies was perfect for a cold night out. Sweet, haunting vocals, and droning new wave pop is a perfect way to describe the band. The darkness of Joy Division, with the gothic sounds of Siouxsie and mix it all together, add a touch of shoegaze, and long drawn out songs at times, and you get Midnight Movies. Nights in White Satin was a beautiful cover with a drag-em/drop-em/knock you out punch on the drums at the end of the song.  And what a way to end the show. Nearing about 45 mins. and clearly should have gone on for an hour. I’m sure some of those songs could have been dragged out just a bit.

Gena Oliver, singer and sometime drummer, is the woman with that sultry voice that often gets compared to Nico. Besides – she’s pure eye-candy, and not that its important, it never hurt a band. And before the talk about Phil Collins gets mentioned, in Uncut magazine, when comparing her to Meg White and Karen Carpenter her first comment is “I’m glad you didn’t mention Phil Collins”. She clearly has a sense of humour!

And their name, they owe their name to a book about 70’s underground cinema of Andy Warhol.

They are playing all over with Alexi Murdoch (whom I didn’t stay for), but are so worth the $10-$12 to see them. And they have very cool shirts. I really really recommend checking them out if you can.


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