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Redheads Take Over The Subway??

Posted by xneverwherex on July 24, 2007

From those wacky folks at Improv Everywhere, check out the link below. I happily participated in the riding of the ever-so-packed subway uptown. Im telling you, people might give about 50 redheads a second-look, but it really had no impact. Im sure a few of them had a chuckle as the guy walked through the train selling sunscreen from about 30-50 SPF 🙂 Yes, we redheads need it.

Also included is our protest of the Wendy’s logo/image from none other than Wendys. Youd be surprised the looks people give when seeing people protest things as frivolous as Wendy’s. All in all, it was a great time.

And this is like ‘Where’s Waldo?’ So, obviously if you know me, you can spot me, and if not, good luck on finding me! im the redhead!  

 For those of you redheads who made it out to the mission, you guys were wonderful.  It’d be awesome if you could share your story in the comments section of mission report.http://www.improveverywhere.com/2007/07/24/redheads/


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