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WS, TMBG & WT (aka White Stripes, They Might Be Giants & War Tapes)

Posted by xneverwherex on July 27, 2007

7/24 – Tuesday 

Saw the White Stripes on Tuesday night. I won tickets to this show thanks to Warner Records and Reprise (I believe) from Siren Festival. What can I say, but Jack is incredibly talented. Somewhere during the set i was trying to figure out if  “big sister”  meg could really drum or what. Shes cute, im just not sure i was blown away by her. musically the two of them are really talented. their encore was incredible. They played a
near 2 hour set and i couldnt complain. even tho i recognized only a chunk of the songs (and all the encore songs – i think), it was easy to just go along with it. Their covers, which I did recognize, were done really well. And ending with “7 Nation Army” was a pretty sweet way to end the night.

A friend’s comment on the White Stripes – to my above comment regarding Meg – “And I think the secret to Meg’s drumming is that she’s like the heartbeat in the song. So her simple beats accent Jack’s crazy mad skills on the guitar.”

Wed. 7/25

I just got home from one of the many they might be giants residency shows from Bowery Ballroom. The show was great. another 2 hour set. having noted that this is a residency show, no 2 shows are alike. so tonights show was called songs from the 90’s we never played live 🙂 hahaha excellent. so many great songs, added some new ones. and ended up with the classics ‘birdhouse in your soul’,  ‘twistin’ and even played ‘i palindrome’. the ace part is when someone taps me on the shoulder and says ‘hey rachel’. i turn around, and im staring at this guy, and i think i mutter ‘holy shit’. and he starts laughing – and he says ‘noah, you know we work together’. i respond of course i fucking know who you are, this is awesome. apparently he LOVES tmbg, but better yet, loves fratellis, maximo, kaiser chiefs, etc. he f’ing rocks! Even better, during the show hed tap me on the shoulder and tell me which stuff was off their new album.

john and john are still as entertaining as ever. phone calls to the dead and all the other quirky things theyve done over the past are still as silly. and musically (with some of the dans) they still hold up. On that note, I’m already trying to figure out if I can see their show next week. I must point out, that 2 wed from now, the really talented Oppenheimer from Belfast are opening for them, and no one should miss them!


Last night’s show was probably even better than the prior nights. well ok – its hard to top the white stripes at the moment. but it started out with one of my new favorite bands War Tapes, from LA. Although after one listen, and you will be surprised theyre from LA. They’re sounding like a lot of the British bands coming out. Perhaps some editors, mixed with interpol, and the darkness of Joy Division. I dont think I have ever seen such tight clothing worn either. These boys had their skinny tight jeans plastered onto them. and it was HOT!

Sadly, I was one of 20 people at the show (this is at the bowery), if 20 were there. i was in the front, totally into it, and others looked perplexed. so i got lots of great pics. the lead singer kept bending down in front of me and singing directly at me. was rather cool. the band was way crazy with loads of energy. Their guitarist is out of control and insanely good. The drummer gets so into it, its really fun to watch. The bassist, she just kind of stands there looking pretty. I havent seen such goth-looking boys with so much energy in awhile.

After their set, I was talking to the singer for a while. Told him it was such an awesome set and that I came out for their set. He was really cool, asking me how I knew of them. Said thanks to SF and the people there, I knew of them. So yeah, my California connections are always coming in handy. Before he left, he said ‘oh by the way, im neil’. So I said ‘Im Rachel’. And he said something like, im so glad to meet you Rachel, and I’m glad you liked it.

I think I fell in ❤

The next band was really great too. I only came out to the show for the openers. Mainly to see War Tapes because at the moment I think they are just brilliant. But Liam & Me, who i had seen before I knew wouldnt disappoint.

The guys are from Philly, and are probably in their early 20’s. Doesnt hurt that a bunch of 30-year olds I was hanging out with, decided we all wanted to do very naughty things with them, and lots of nakedness [Big Grin]

Liam & Me plays very dancy, indie-pop music. Each song gets more dancy than the next. And I was hanging out with a bunch of folks from the UK who were terribly drunk. We were all in the front, dancing a lot, the guys were jumping around – banging into each other, and those nearby skirmished to the sides. The band loved it, and wanted everyone to get in on the action. My only real complaint is a 30 min set or less. I know their stuff is quick and fast, but we wanted to keep on dancing. Their fans are really young, and no one was even legal. Granted sometimes I throw all morals out the door.

Last band was The Automatic. I only really knew the song “Monster” which is getting a lot of airplay and is quite catchy. At least Im assuming its how I know of it, but I dont listen to the radio. Regardless, its their single. The Automatic is much heavier compared to both the bands. They are playing on the Warped Tour. Penny, on synths, some small redhead guy, is out of control. Jumping higher than humanly possible, banging the hell out of his keys. Incredible to watch. Filled with so much energy. The whole band is just one big ball of energy. That gets more intense as they keep playing. I think they played a 40 min set that had everyone around sweaty.

The UK guys didnt disappoint. No one was even near us, because it was so out of control. If I didnt know them, Id have been nowhere near, but they were courteous to me, to not totally bang into me. Penny started yelling at the people upstairs that they were a bunch of pussies. He jumped into the crowd numerous times to rock out with everyone. He also jumped from speakers that were so insanely high, at one point he left the show for 3 songs. He didnt get up for a long time, that people wondered if he was ok. I think that might have not helped the set, because the band looked concerned. Needless to say, there was no encore.

But if youre looking for some great rock music to really get into and mosh to, go check out them. Theyd love it if more people did that.


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