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Lollapalooza 2007 – Day 1 – DAFT PUNK IS PLAYING AT MY HOUSE!

Posted by xneverwherex on August 8, 2007

I got back yesterday from Chicago and what a time it was! I must say this is definitely going to turn into a yearly event with my great friend Hannah. We had an amazing time and saw more bands than I could have possibly imagined, and had fun throughout the time. Albeit, sucky weather at times made it harder to enjoy some sets, it still turned out to be an amazing weekend. Without further ado –


Fratellis – This was my first show of Lolla and I have wanted to see the Frats since first coming across them and not being able to see them play the Mercury Lounge. The album is nothing short of brilliant, so you can imagine my high expectations. Perhaps too high, because they didnt deliver. I was expecting a very fast, catchy, jangly, bouncy set that I’d be dancing around too – much like the Kooks I had guessed – but didnt get that. Perhaps it was just too early and the lead singer couldnt function, but I left feeling a bit disappointed.

The Switches – While technically I didn’t see this band, I was in line waiting to get in when they went on stage. From what I could hear of them, they were brilliant. Loved the sound, and was immediately drawn into their music. Good Stuff! Be on the look out for them. They were everything I had hoped The Fratellis would be. Ah well.

Ghostland Observatory was up after that. As the day was already getting hot, sat on the lawn to watch them. Not sure how much I was really into the music, but the lead singer was amusing. With his two long braids swishing back and forth, and dance moves that were insanely wild, he was so entertaining to watch. Naturally the other guy who was dressed up in all blue (perhaps a ghost), was just as amusing. So a hot day in the sun and them in the background was not a bad thing. At this point, I was able to meet up with Joseph which was pretty cool, as I hadnt seen him in a few months as he moved to Minnesota.

Walked across the park after that to catch The Polyphonic Spree. This by far was one of the most amazing shows I had seen. The whole band came out walking through the park, up to the stage. All 30 of them joined up on the stage and burst into their music, such as “Running Away”. The lead singer was all over the stage, including plenty of times when he jumped into the crowd. The back up singers/dancers, had great voices and just added to the whole show, added to that, a lot of the different instruments that were used. Heavenly! They even had a dress change in which they changed into their well known white robes. Lollapalloza Day 1 - Polyphonic Spree Were joined by some tap dancers from Chicago who were as entertaining to watch. Their sunny, happy music had everyone singing and dancing together. If ever was there a time that I felt the 60’s San Francisco vibe was alive and well it was at this moment. By the time they started playing Nirvana’s cover of “Lithium”, I was already blown away. During this song, I was sure I was transported into another world. Everyone jumping together as one, singing the words, dancing having a great time, showed me that this happiness in the world could be possible. if there was a cult for the P-Spree, I guarantee I’d be first in line. This was exactly the kind of experience I was looking for at a festival, and they delivered. Be sure to check out my pics!

After seeing them, I wasn’t even sure anything would compare to that afterwards. But I ventured on over to the Adidas stage, which unfortunately was out in the boiling hot sun, and caught some of Sparklehorse’s set. They were not what I had expected, which in no way is a bad thing, and were really rocking on out. With it being so hot, I lasted about 15 mins before I had to find some shade.

Found some shade and some food, and caught Electric Six playing on the other side of where I was. Some of their stuff was quite catchy, but then it just got repetitive, and luckily for me I was soon headed off to find someone else to check out. I couldn’t tell if they were serious about being a band, or if most of this was a joke, was the only real problem I had.

Finally found the best place to see bands – called the BMI Stage. It was between the two big stages, but on the far side of the park. It was surrounded by trees on each side, and very shaded in. By far, it was the coolest place to see a show (weather wise, but band wise as well). Strolled up to the stage to catch the band Inward Eye playing. I didn’t think I had liked them, but catching them live was an experience. The band consists of 3 brothers from Winnipeg. It was nice to see some Canadians come out and support them, draped in the Maple Leaf flag. The band was excited as well, and proceeded to rock like there was no tomorrow. Each brother brought something to the show. Anders did an amazing job on drums while standing at times, Kyle insane on guitar, Lollapalooza Day 1 - Inward Eye and Dave, a charismatic lead singer. The crowd loved them, and they showed us some love as well, by handing out a sampler CD at the end of the show. What a way to win my heart over. So if you love rock n roll – such as The Kinks, The Jam or that style, you deserve to do yourself a favor and check them out!

Following Inward Eye, was Chicago’s own Wax on Radio. I had been wanting to check them out since CMJ, but now was the first time I had a chance to. I didn’t quite remember what they sounded like, and I wasn’t blown away by their music, but as musicians they are very talented. The drummer is just amazing and it was hard to take my eyes off of him. Prog rock is a good way to describe them, so it probably just wasnt my cup of tea.

Needed a bit of rest after all this, so headed on over to where LCD Soundsystem would be playing later. In the background, I could hear Perry Farrell’s voice, which is what I needed. I had really wanted to see Satellite Party, but knew I wanted to be near the stage for LCD. I found myself instead wondering if I was at a Jane’s Addiction concert. I was treated to Stop, Been Caught Stealing, and the always great Jane Says. What a band to hear while waiting for another. I was blown away, as this was the closest I would have ever come to seeing Janes. Thank you Perry – for another great year, and a great set!

The show I had long been awaiting was finally here. LCD Soundsystemtook the stage and proceeded to have a dance party. James Murphy isn’t necessarily the best frontman, but he sure knows how to make music to get us dancing. Lollapalooza Day 1 - LCD Soundsystem He started the set with “us v them” which is always a crowd pleaser, but better yet ‘DAFT PUNK IS PLAYING AT MY HOUSE!’ And not 40 mins later, but Daft Punk would be playing. What a night! Danced and jumped around like crazy when this came on. ‘Yeah’ seemed a bit long, as if it could have gone a little shorter, and at a point I just felt I had enough. Couldn’t go wrong dancing, but there came a point, when I was just ready for some Daft Punk. and sure enough….

DAFT PUNK WAS PLAYING AT MY HOUSE! There must have been several gods there that night, but perhaps they were just in some pyramid, producing the amazing music that Daft Punk is known for. They looked like they were from outer space, and I seriously wondered what was going on in that pyramid, but whatever it didnt matter. IMG_8834.JPG As words were splayed across the pyramid during my favorite “technologic”, i couldnt imagine being anywhere else at that moment in time. If P-Spree made the world a sunny, happy place to be, Daft Punk turned it into a full on rave/dance party. The set consisted of all their hits from “Around the World” to “One More Time” to “Da Funk” to lots of their other brilliant songs (Im not sure what other songs were singles). It consisted a lot of songs off their latest album Human After All which is pure genius. ‘Human After All’ was great to hear, but the best part was dancing like there was no tomorrow. Dancing with strangers nearby, jumping around in unison, and by the time Daft Punk was playing ‘One More Time’ again, the crowd had gone nuts. A light show that was out of this world, making it seem the world was a futuristic place, I was sure that nothing would top Lollapalooza. And by the time Daft Punk was leaving, high-5’s were all over the place of strangers we had met that night. This was the place to be, and Im ready to do it again!

for those seeing Daft Punk on Thursday at Keyspan Park in Coney Island, check out their myspace page about recording the show!



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