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CMJ Day 3 – Late Night

Posted by xneverwherex on October 22, 2011

It was a late night for the 3rd day. I missed all the day shows, but I did make it over to Drom with the high hopes of catching Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs which I ended up missing.

But I did see some amazing talent that night. Publicist was there not as a DJ but performing. His brilliance combination of his drums, vocals and beats all in one is awesome to witness. With his shirt off, he plays with so much energy you can see sweat dripping down his body. The drumming was pretty spastic but mixed with the beats behind it everything works together quite well. If he ever plays live, its definitely worth checking him out.

Jogyo made a special guest appearance and by far was the coolest set of the night. Band members Dru Barnes and Devi Mambuka really knew how to get the crowd dancing. Singing about Africa and one world it felt like a whole unifying experience. Their sound has a reggae feel but reminds me of some of the other rappers from different African countries. Devi looked beautiful in a white gown as she danced around the stage, moving so fluidly. Everything about them was amazing and fun to watch.

33Hz was a 5 piece band playing a predictably dancey set. Their music was a bit boring in the fact that it didnt stand out on its own. They sounded like other bands and were a bit boring to watch as well.

Either way – the sets were quite good. Drom is a pretty cool place, but this night, put on by GBH was just filled with scenesters and college kids. Definitely not my scene, but for the music it was all worth it.


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